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A little food for thought: Rent stabilization is not the same thing as rent control. Landlords in SF get to raise the rent every year by 60 percent of that year's consumer price index. You could get a rent increase of as much as 50 bucks a month on a small, dingy apartment that costs $1500 a month -- and no guarantee that the landlord will ever improve the place. Then the next year your increase might be only $20 more per month. Ten years later, you're paying $1650 a month for the same place, only now it's even more rundown. Most people feel that paying $1500 a month on a studio apartment should afford them a fresh coat of paint every year, preferably done while away for the weekend camping in the woods -- or doing anything else more exciting than rolling paint across your living-room walls. Few people realize just how expensive it is in SF.

Good Questions: Does my landlord ever have to paint? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/5/10 05:44 PM