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@Funstraw- please tell me you're being sarcastic... seriously? Painting to match colour of the year?? LOL I can't even imagine. I'm still in love with turquoise.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2012
12/8/11 12:33 PM

mmmmmmmm butter......

Butter, Lard, or Both? Pioneer Woman's Guide to Pie Fats
12/1/11 05:07 PM

AWESOME! I'm torn between doing this, or this--

Heck, may as well try both and see what we like more... :)

A Holiday Tree Made of Lights
A Merry Mishap

11/30/11 02:07 PM

that printout idea is AWESOME! So going to do that right NOW!

No Room for a Tree? 10 DIY Modern Holiday Alternatives
11/30/11 01:01 PM

loose button has a sampler service- has beauty, fragrance, misc samples- $14 a month. It's AWESOME.

Surprise Gift Ideas: Digital-to-Door Subscription Services
11/30/11 12:14 PM

Ah, a Canadian boy. <3 Love. And the outfit-home matchups? Genius. <3 <3 I'm off to drool over Gosling some more.

Outfit to Home: Ryan Gosling
11/30/11 12:06 PM

So so jealous. The lowest my hydro bill has been since I moved into my townhouse is about $240. Thats in the summer with only a new window AC, barely any lights, maybe two fans, and appliances.
In winter, due to baseboard heat and a condo board who is close to bankrupt so won't fix my old windows-- my bill gets up around $600 a month. I keep heat low, only on in rooms we are in, hang laundry in the bathroom which I keep slightly heated, use a crockpot for cooking to not use the oven, use a hot water bottle in our beds at night to keep cozy with lower heat... but yeah, still about $600 a month. :(

4 Ways to Save: Reduce Your Electric Bill by $25 a Month
Real Simple

11/30/11 11:56 AM

I should also add, after reading some more comments- I am also "card carrying spent the bulk of my childhood on a reserve observing and participating". My Native grandmother assisted me with the smudging and cleansing. I agree with Bx to a point- I don't believe that it's bastardizing the ritual for someone to appropriate the ritual, but I DO agree that it must be done properly, with all solemnity and respect due.

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
Good Questions

11/27/11 12:17 PM

I am also a Native Canadian (Metis). My grandmother taught me the smudging ceremony. I would have zero issue with the "ethics" of a non-Native using this ceremony- go for it!
I also recently went through a horrid breakup of the only man I ever felt REALLY passionate about (and I was the one to end the relationship- I just knew it was not good). The first thing I did was went through my house, found anything he has left behind. Boxed it up, tied a string around the box and said "I bind your energy and negativity with your belongings, and out of my life." Then I dropped the box off to his house. Second, I smudged my entire home. I cried when I first did it, but after the tears flowed and I got that all out of me, not only did my home feel more at peace, but I did, too. I think the ritual of it is more important than the actual sage itself. It made me feel in control, and I doubt I would have cried like I did without doing the ceremony and just LETTING GO. The next day I rearranged my furniture, bought some cute new accessories and lingere (heh heh), and started moving forward.
Good luck to you, and while I know it seems brutal now, it does get better. Every minute you spend unhappy is a minute of happiness stolen from you.

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
Good Questions

11/27/11 10:25 AM

Make do, not make due- is a pun of sorts, my grandma used to say it- make due with what you have so you don't have credit card bills DUE!

5 Ways to Make Super Small Rooms Feel Spacious
11/23/11 09:18 AM

Ikea hack, anyone?

Hot or Not?: Cat Cave
11/22/11 09:00 PM

I have two Labs, and just signed a lease on a 600sq ft apartment. It has a small yard. We are in a 950sq ft townhouse, three levels, with a TINY yard currently. My dogs NEVER ruin anything, never bark when I am gone (so my neighbors say), nor do they use half the space in the house. They prefer to be where I am. I use four rooms- my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. New place has all those. That's where my two Labs hang out. I don't think SPACE is an issue- if you have a small place, a dog is going to be more work. More walks, and it will seem like more fur because it's concentrated in a small space.
Again- not so much about breed as the owners ability to work with the dog to make sure it gets what it needs.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
11/22/11 08:54 PM

I have this bedframe for my sons room and it's fine. Not wobbly, though it IS low. It works for us because then I have shallow wall shelves on the wall above it, maximizing space for his Star Wars collection.

IKEA's TOLGA Bed and Bedside Table
11/22/11 11:58 AM

How fitting... I am currently living in a 950sq ft townhome with my two kids, and am going to check out a 600 sq ft cottage this afternoon... Serious downsize, especially since two years ago we lived in 2400sq ft. I recently got laid off and need to cut expenses somewhere, and am hoping that a significantly smaller home will help with that....

TINY: A Documentary about Living Small
11/22/11 11:22 AM

Twihard here. Decor and home goods enthusiast here. I am happy to see this post on here, because as I was swooooooning during this scene in the movie, I was doing so because (a) its sexy, and (b) I love the bed. And really, people who beotch about Twilight being on here, loosen up and freaking relax already. It's a home decor website, it's not like a Sick Kids website squealing "OMG! EDWAAAAAARD!" LOL reeeeelax.

Bella & Edward Did It Here: Twilight Breaking Dawn Bed
11/18/11 02:52 PM

|Lord I miss Peterborough. I lived there for 8 years, right downtown on Hunter, once on Water st... great city. This apt is built like the rest of them in Ptbo--- moulding, hardwood, gorgeous windows. This apt is by FAR my fave colour entry so far!

Nicole 's "Greenish-Blue" Room
11/9/11 02:11 PM

google "scouting new york"-- a photog blog about abandoned new york sites. I believe this is on there.

Look!: House Tour of Pollepel Island
11/8/11 06:55 PM


Modern Shelter Island Beach House

11/8/11 06:44 PM

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love love. As a Canadian girl who spent 40 weekends a year at a place similar to this, let me say... this IS a Canadians idea of paradise. :) Yay for cottages!

Rick's Retro Cabin & Reclusive Georgian Bay Island
House Tour

11/8/11 06:44 PM


Penelope and Nathan's Full–Hearted Eclectic
Green Tour

11/6/11 09:14 AM