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It doesn't sound like hubby is willing to compromise. And there is WAY more to life than home decor (despite what it seems like here). No one here has been able to help you because with all the restrictions your husband has given you, there's no way to get what you want. I am not the first or only person here who says that fake stone is ugly, so why call ME rude? Plus, you are asking for suggestions. My suggestion is that it's ugly! Sheesh. You need to accept that you aren't going to get what you want in this situation and move on.

Suggestions On How To Update My Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/9/11 01:12 PM

Laureen, the problem is that your husband is unreasonable and unwilling to help. Those cabinets are not gorgeous, they are dated and ugly. The hardwood floor thing is also an unreasonable fear. I (and many others here) have had hardwood floors in kitchens (and bathrooms even, gasp!) forever with no problems. If you're not allowed to change anything and your husband is a great guy in all other ways, then move on and focus on other aspects of your life and forget about home decor. BTW, that Armstrong fake stone is ugly and will do nothing to help your kitchen.

Suggestions On How To Update My Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/9/11 12:04 PM

Husband won't let you paint and won't let you do wood or tile floors. Maybe the change you need is a new husband.

Suggestions On How To Update My Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/9/11 11:09 AM

The "after" shots you've been posting all day are really annoying that they are behind a cut. It makes it a lot of work for those of us who don't feel like sitting here all day clicking links. For example, this one: yuk. This "after" is not something I am interested in knowing about but I had to click thru to see that. How about putting the before and after photos both before the cut?

Before & After: Simple Chandelier Transformation
2/8/11 05:25 PM

I'd like to see the cords from the actual "messy" photo utilize that thing. It's easy to make a bunch of plain white cords without huge boxes on them look good.

Plug Hub: The Discrete Powerstrip Organizer
1/26/11 12:11 PM

I agree with dangermike that it is nasty to make fun of people who aren't as fortunate as you all are. Not everyone understands design or knows the correct terms for things. And in this world (including here on AT more times than I can count!) many MANY people can't spell. Most of these comments aren't aimed at fraud, btoddster, they are aimed at those in lower economic brackets (design is for the upper middle class and onward) just trying to get by in the world and sell some of their stuff. craigslist isn't a design competition or a spelling test.

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 09:19 PM

This place is awesome. I can't believe it's being beaten by Jaclyn from Philadelphia. I wonder how that's happening.

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5/5/10 01:05 PM