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Aside from the issues raised above (taking sides between bad-dog sympathizers and haters), I am surprised to be the first to comment on just how annoying this post is in and of itself. It offers nothing to the reader besides a very transparent complaint from the writer. No viable solutions. No specific tips. Not even a funny tale of personal experience! It almost seems as though Ms. Johnson is writing to a specific reader as a veiled attempt to criticize a friend (who obviously has a misbehaving dog). I didn't know you could become a contributor to Apartment Therapy without having anything to say about apartments...

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/9/10 06:01 PM

Can you tell us the color you used in the living room?

Cate's California Cottage
House Call

10/28/10 02:46 PM

Oh my god, I totally agree. That Blackberry ad is HORRIBLE and is preventing me from looking at ANYTHING! Apartment Therapy... PLEASE take these down!

Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gifts Roundup | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/5/10 11:47 AM