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I'm not sure these trend statements actually mean anything beyond people eat what they like. Which doesn't actually seem like a trend to me....

Predicting the Next Big Thing: The Top Trends and Flavor Forecasts for 2013
12/7/12 02:31 PM

We moved to Denver (Longmont) two years ago and I find that I need to make adjustments to many baking recipes. Normal recipes are OK, but I find that everything is a little flat and dense. I know the request was for a Kindle book, but I *highly* recommend the Pie In the Sky book by Susan Purdy. She demonstrates how there's not a one size fits all solution to fixing recipes and everything I've made from the book is great.

What Are the Best Cookbooks for High-Altitude Baking? Good Questions
8/22/12 12:49 AM

Graeters. Pure Awesomeness. (My favorite: coconut chip). But pay the premium and get it shipped from Ohio. The stuff in the grocery stores is not anywhere near as good.

Can You Recommend a Great Ice Cream Delivery Source?
Good Questions

9/8/11 04:17 PM

I and my family are big fans of the breakfast bar recipe in the Nigella Express book. Oats, nuts, dried cranberry, coconut, condensed milk. Certainly not diet food, but they *really* stick with you.

Looking for Breakfast Recipes Packed With Oatmeal!
Good Questions

4/4/11 09:39 PM

Shady Lane - I see Nigella Lawson using some kind of chocolate biscuits all the time in recipes where I would use chocolate graham crackers. In her UK-version recipes she calls them "plain chocolate biscuits." So my guess is that those are probably your best substitute.

I'm definitely going to try this pi (pie). Yum.

Pi Day Recipe: Chocolate Chess Pie
3/14/11 04:19 PM

I agree with see. If you know them pretty well, it can be a kind gesture. We try to clean up pretty well before a babysitter comes, but the kitchen usually gets the door closed. We don't have a dishwasher and one night a pretty good friend babysat for us who knows what a pain doing dishes is for us. When we came home she had done all of our dishes. Yes, I was a little embarrassed, but incredibly grateful. I knew she was doing it to help us.

Cleaning Someone Else’s Home: Helpful or Creepy? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/4/10 09:33 PM