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And what if your little boy likes ruffles and dress up? You just change the dang room when they're old enough to care! My gosh, I'm so sick of the PC brigade. Nurseries are more for moms anyway..I guarantee the baby doesn't care one way or another what is on his or her walls.

For what it's worth, this is a beautiful nursery.

Mildrid's Elephant Sanctuary
Nursery Tour

12/11/11 10:37 PM

Craigslist in general creeps me out but as for buying used, I'm all for it! I agree, I don't really want a second hand plush toy or something that's not easily washed, but beyond that, I see no reason to spend loads of money on new stuff if a perfectly acceptable used option is available.

I found several gifts at thrift stores this year (lovely vintage pieces for friends who will more than appreciate them) that will be cleaned up and packaged beautifully.

Gifts From Craigslist: Score Or Scandalous?
12/11/11 10:33 PM

Not my thing but having spent the long hours up at night in the early weeks/months, I can see why any mom might want to look at this while nursing/feeding as opposed to a blank wall or cute decal. If this is her happy place, go for it. And if she just liked it, go for it. It's fun!

Palm Springs-Inspired Nursery
D Magazine

11/20/11 06:21 PM

First of all, this is awesome.

Second, how do those ladder shelves attach to the wall? I'm assuming they have to be bolted? I've wanted one forever but I'm afraid my toddler will either climb it or knock it over

Liam's Sweet Dream Nursery
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #11

11/20/11 06:09 PM

Jane-s...I'm trying to figure out how to word this delicately. When I say they don't say "child" to me, I'm not referring to color or wishing they were gaudy plastic neon toys.
I mean, they look like something out of an adult toy catalogue.

I'm all about thinking outside of the box and beautiful design, but these just kind of hit me wrong. And I'm no stuffy "housewife"...clearly..

Play-Less Toys by Marloe Bakx
11/10/11 12:09 AM


Black Walls in the Nursery
Fran Keenan

11/10/11 12:04 AM

Oh. Man. I want this room...and I'm a 28 year old woman :).
It just has so much class! The lightsabers on the wall, the Love it. Love every bit of it.

Rocky's Star Wars Nursery
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11/10/11 12:00 AM

ugh, poor kid's head has been bonked way too many times. I would be a total klutz with a set-up like this! It's pretty awesome though..

They're Never Too Young To Sleep In Bunkbeds
House To Home

11/9/11 11:54 PM

we got a thermometer for her room and just made sure the temp stayed around 68. We did long sleeve fleece footie PJs and I would swaddle her from the armpits down (arms free) until she started kicking the blanket off. Others have said it, but I think they tolerate cooler temps better than we think. I discovered that even though my daughter's hands were chilly, she was actually quite warm and toasty.

Another thing to remember is that babies have quite a nice layer of body fat so they may not be as chilly as we feel (I'm on the thinner side and tend to feel cold fairly often and would always dress my very chunky baby as I would myself...didn't take long for her to let me know she was roasting!)

Keeping an Infant Warm During Winter Nights
Good Questions

11/9/11 11:46 PM

haven't noticed it in any of the books we've picked up...

I have, however, noticed it in the few videos that we've screened for our daughter. And it does kind of get of many reasons we stick to books over dvds!

I think you should just stick to the classics or visit your used bookstore for old children's books if this really annoys you that much. Though there are plenty of awesome current books available too...

Thoughts on the Prevalence of Superlatives in Kids Books?
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11/8/11 01:00 AM

I'm with the folks who would just rather stay home or do something with their kid. I was the social butterfly in college and after roughly 8 years of that, I was more than ready to just spend quiet evenings with my daughter and husband at home or wherever. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten a sitter. And while I definitely don't blame those of you who use your kid as an excuse (haven't we all done it?), I'm at the point where I just tell people that I'd rather just stay home.

Do You Use Your Kids As An Excuse To Not Attend Boring Parties?
11/8/11 12:56 AM

jsev, exactly my first thoughts. These don't say "child" to me at all....

Play-Less Toys by Marloe Bakx
11/8/11 12:51 AM

Teleutte-I spent 4 years in art school years ago, graduated with my BFA and am a professional artist. And I think this post and the resulting piece of "art" is wonderful. I think the folks involved have made it pretty clear that they aren't touting it as "Art" in the traditional sense and I think it's one of the best ways to get kids interested in and involved in art from a very early age.

What I don't think is fabulous? Art students (who haven't even graduated yet) with little to no life experience who can't get their own heads out of their rears long enough to see the beauty and worth in something like this.

It's Easy, Baby: DIY Abstract Art with a Twist
11/3/11 01:27 PM

A friend of mine suggested this and I've been toying with implementing it in our family (though neither set of parents has been an issue):

If you subscribe to the Christian faith, a good way to do Christmas is to have three gifts per child--representing the three gifts that the wise men brought to Jesus.
You could do something similar with relatives and explain the meaning behind it/reasoning behind it.
Teaches a good lesson while also keeping the gifts to a minimum.

I have to agree with whoever said it up there though (and maybe this is just my personality but..), some of you really just need to put your foot down. It's your house, it's your kid--decorate it how you will and don't let your crazy mother re-dress your child. End of story. If your mother is still running your life, you probably have more problems to deal with than overgifting...

How Do You Help Keep Gift Giving Grandparents At Bay?
Reader Survey

9/24/11 01:35 AM

I really hate articles like this (the full one at Mint). Sure, maybe some of the items are a little less useful than others, but we live in a free country where people can choose to use wipe warmers or infrared baby monitors and should be able to without being made to feel like idiots. Heck, if someone with a lot more money than me wants to buy their baby perfume, go for it.

Honestly, if I had known that baby kneepads existed, I would have gotten a pair for my poor kid who had constant bruises from our hardwood floors while she learned to crawl.

Perhaps I wouldn't have been so irritated by the article if the entire thing hadn't been written in such a condescending manner.

15 Baby Money Traps To Avoid According to
9/24/11 01:17 AM

If a woman says she FF it's ok but if one of us says we BF we're automatically smug?? I don't get it....

Anyway, that being said, I imagine making a bottle can't be hard enough to warrant a fancy machine, much in the same way I still fail to see the point of forking out a ton of money for a Keurig when my cheapo coffepot works just fine (personal preference there, obviously).

Thankfully boobs are free and way more convenient than all of the above. And that's not me being smug. That's me being truly thankful since I don't think I was fully awake for 90% of my daughter's night feedings.

BabyNes Nutrition System
8/5/11 12:53 AM

oh wow, massive nostalgia wave! I love this and I forgot how much I loved those books! Good job mama!

Best Kids Parties: Berenstain Bears
My Party: Reese (Chicago, IL)

8/3/11 10:03 PM


The thing I love about the disposable pouches though is the little spoon attachment that screws on to the top for smaller kids who can't quite squeeze it themselves without making a mess (I don't mind messes at home, but when we're out I'd rather not be frantically wiping pureed fruit off of everything)

Beaba Babypote
Ohdeedoh Test Lab

8/3/11 01:00 PM

hahaha! I just saw my friend's pictures of the real Mermaid Parade (I had never heard of it before I saw them) so this cracks me up. Such a great idea for a kiddo's party!

Best Kids Parties: A Mini Mermaid Parade
My Party: B (Brooklyn, NY)

8/3/11 12:55 PM

I adore cloth and used them till about 10 months (Fuzzibunz) but unfortunately they started to leak at night despite stripping, etc. and I just haven't gotten around to buying more Thirsties (which work beautifully at night).
I too get really irritated at the militants but just tend to ignore them nowadays. We did disposables the first couple of weeks as well and I'm using them now with no diaper rash or redness to speak of. I much prefer cloth but it's just not in the cards at this point. We're working on potty training anyhow so I don't see the point in buying more.

A Look Inside Cloth Diapers
8/3/11 12:51 PM