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I just love how everyone featured on AT's home tours looks so happy, content and friendly.

Chef Barton Seaver's Warm and Well-Stocked Rental Kitchen Kitchen Tour
10/29/13 10:20 PM

The very first thing I noticed about the main photo was John's face. He looks like such a sweet, kind and generous man. I'm sure he's very peaceful at heart because he works with nature every day and can let his creative genius be reflected in his work. This is a beautiful treehouse. Thank you for showcasing it!

John the Botanist's Treehouse Retreat House Tour
10/17/13 02:23 PM

Absolutely lovely! I'm a big fan of little pops of color and mixing elements (wood, fabric, metal, rugs, etc.). When I look at someone's home and think, "I could just take off my shoes, get a glass of water and sit in a comfy chair," I know it's a space I love. The doggies are adorable, too. :-)

Heather & Jeff's Art (and Dog) Friendly Modern Eclectic House Tour
10/8/13 01:42 PM

Wow, this house is GORGEOUS. I love the subtle colors, the combination of elements (wood, metal, woolen rugs) and little pops of color, like the yellow behind the antlers over his bed. It's one of the nicest "bachelor pads" I've ever seen! LOL Really, it is a wonderful space. Very clean, modern yet rustic, minimalist yet quirky. Nick looks like a nice guy and I LOVE his dog!!!

Nick's Beachwood Canyon Modern Mix House Tour
10/8/13 01:39 PM

I grew up in central Ohio. Some of the best apples come from Ohio orchards! Can't wait to make this, thank you for the recipe!

How To Make a Small, Quick Batch of Applesauce Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
8/12/13 11:27 AM

When I win the lottery, I am hiring interior decorator David Bromstad, celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, makeup maven Bobbi Brown and The Kitchn's Faith Durand to run my household.

What To Make for Holiday Brunch:
15 Deeply Delicious Brunch Recipes Recipes from The Kitchn

12/21/12 10:06 PM

What an adorable little house. Kim and Scott are a sweet couple. I love their furry family, especially since their gray cat looks just like mine! Some of my favorite elements are the little "I love you" on the chalk wall, the "I always knew it was you" framed print and the cute collection of animal prints and plates on the wall. It's so bright and comfortable. Kudos!

Kim & Scott's Fresh Reverie House Tour
11/30/12 12:13 PM

@Granola Suicide OMG LOVE that screen name. Laughed so hard!! I moved to San Diego, CA after living in my hometown of Columbus, OH for over 30 years. I think it gets SO DUSTY here. My husband (from Long Beach, CA) doesn't think that's the case; he blames the dust on cat litter. So not true - we use dustless corn-based cat litter! I am constantly Swiffering. I should own stock in that company.

Dealing With Big City Grime
9/10/12 12:59 PM

Oh wow...I've always loved purple but have never been brave enough to work with in the way Jennifer has. WOW. What an impact! Love the black and white bathroom and all the vintage pieces she has collected. There's a photo of a little girl in a frame on the left-hand side of one of the pictures. I'm not sure if it's Jennifer when she was a child but whoever she is, what a cutie. Capone is a gorgeous kitty!

Jennifer's Touch of Hollywood Glamour House Tour
8/16/12 01:38 PM

Oh. So. Retro! I was never a big fan of mid-century but I am now! I love all the splashes of color. They really pop but are yet still subtle enough to not take over. Ricardo absolutely radiates happiness - just look at that grin! Wonderful job, Ricardo!

Ricardo's Spin On Mid Century Nostalgia House Tour
8/14/12 12:33 PM

Wonderfully minimalistic, lots of warm colors. I'm not a big fan of yellow but it was so gorgeous in this space I have totally changed my mind! I'm so envious of all the wonderful kitchen appliances, especially the espresso maker! The dinner looks fabulous, too. And as always I love seeing the people and their pets. :-)

Heather & Katherine's Meant-to-Be Remodel House Tour
8/9/12 01:19 PM

Wow...I LOVE all the wood in this house! I love the mix of types, colors and sizes. It's all different but flows together so beautifully. And they are such a cute couple, look at those smiles!!!

Lauren & Paul's Enchanted Urban Farmhouse House Tour
8/2/12 12:59 PM

What a sweet house! I love the minimalist look but the colors and textures really make it feel warm and cozy. The doggie with the different colored eyes (heterochromia?) is adorable and the picture with the kissing pooches is so cute. I really liked the pictures of Jamie being herself in the house - cooking, putting on her earrings, holding her dog. It really gives you a sense of who the person is, which makes the experience of seeing how they decorated their home even better. Wonderful pictures by the photographer!

Jamie's Something Old, Something New Home Tour
7/20/12 12:32 PM

This is one of the handsom bachelor pads I've ever seen. Mike's done a beautiful job mixing patterns, textures, styles and colors. I have the same color wood floors in my soon-to-be house and I was concerned about having dark-colored bookshelves with it but Mike's decor goes perfectly with the room - the rug, the chocolate-brown (?) bookshelves and splashes of color. Wonderful! On a side note, what beautiful eyes Mike has! All the better to look at his kitty with, I'm sure. :-)

Mike's New + Thrifted Style Mix House Tour
7/18/12 01:08 PM

What a super cute and fun house! I'm in the process of buying a house with a tiny master bathroom. The size doesn't bother me, it's got a window but it seems so dark and boring. The green bathroom really inspired me to paint my bathroom a light color to make it seem bigger. Thank you! Also I love the chubby kitty!! :-)

Amber's Art-Filled Austin Apartment House Tour
7/16/12 01:46 PM

At first I thought, What a pretty house. Then I fell in love with the staircase, the fixtures and the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. What an absolutely beautiful space you have created. It's so comforting and calming. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And the Frenchie is adorable!

Kristina & Tyler's Whitley Heights Home House Tour
7/12/12 01:21 PM

What a fun house! I love all the color, textures and styles mixed together. They look like a really fun couple, too. She has a beautiful Asian-pinup girl style with her hair and bright red lipstick. Love it!

Myles & Grace's La CaƱada Light House House Tour
7/11/12 01:14 PM

I am so in love with Brother Bear. What a sweetie! Super cute family, love the art in this house.

Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad House Tour
6/29/12 12:26 PM

So I'm scrolling through the pictures, enjoying looking at the fabrics, colors, pretty gray kitty, furniture, neat trinkets...then, there it was...glaring out from underneath a kitchen chair...the black cat that looks like a giant dust bunny, glaring at the photographer with an intense stare. Cracked me up! I'm sure he's a super nice cat, but it's so funny how he looks so evil, like he's a little demon lurking...LOL I can totally see one of my cats doing that!

Anne & Tahoe's Barnum Bungalow House Tour
6/28/12 02:46 PM

The green tiled fireplace is my FAVORITE PIECE in this whole beautiful collection. I absolutely adore Michelle's taste in colors, materials and adding a fresh bouquet of flowers in contrasting pinks and magentas to make them stand out. What I love most about this house tour is Michelle's smile - it is AMAZING! I can imagine she lights up a whole room when she flashes it!!

Michelle's Traditional + Fashion Forward House Tour
6/27/12 12:22 PM