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I love the idea of a Small Trick, Big Difference being a recurring feature on AT.

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 02:48 PM

I love the idea of a Small Trick, Big Difference being a recurring feature on AT.

Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home
12/12/12 02:48 PM

Conran isn't celebrating 80 years, unless you mean Terence Conran, founder of the firm, who just celebrated his 81st birthday on October 4th. He was perhaps 21 when he began, so that makes it a 60 years old firm.

New Styles from Conran & IO Kids Design Design Junction London
10/8/12 05:04 PM

I saw this film at our local indie in comparison with the An Wei Wei documentary, "Never Sorry", about the internationally known Chinese artist. Both films began with a premise that experienced a catastrophic denouement during the editing process, and required a reworking of the plot. In the Siegels' case, the time share business tanked and in An Wei Wei's case he was imprisoned and had his studio demolished. Despite the appalling lack of cultural taste, the Siegels attemped to describe their lifestyle as family-oriented and believable, but the shopping episodes were indicative of a real addiction to conspicuous consumption in the most unappealing way. The opposite of Apartment Therapy, if you like.

The Queen of Versailles:
Building America's Largest House

10/4/12 01:03 PM

I haven't enjoyed a House Tour so much for the longest time. I love the shopping venues
and the etsy choices. What a delightful tour! No wonder you have a Viking stove--the cookbook collection demands it. My only reservation would be handling lightweight garden chairs on gravel, but that's no biggie. Many thanks!

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/24/12 12:26 PM

Chopped celery is necessary, not too well cooked. It gives a little crunch to the caponata.

Recipe: Eggplant Caponata Sandwiches with Mozzarella & Basil Recipes from The Kitchn
9/20/12 11:25 AM

Very nice, but what I think is missing--and it's because you have so much lovely natural light everywhere--is plants. Not just a couple of pink rose or orange glads bought for the photos. Something green will add a depth of dimension to the grey and white with red touches. I wish I had a Dad who would buy me such a beautiful rug!

Julie's Artful Home in D.C House Tour
9/18/12 12:46 PM

I mean, I think this is Cookeville, TN.....Very cute.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 05:58 PM

Is this Cookville, Tennessee? Looks nice..

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/3/12 12:44 PM

The scalloped screen door used to be my pet hate, but now the vinyl fence has taken precedence.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 03:25 PM

Not ONE book!

Jared's Graphic-Organic "Male Model" House Tour
6/19/12 04:04 PM

Please post all the others! Especially Vicki Conran...

Orla Kiely's Artisan Garden Retreat The Gardenist
5/24/12 01:03 PM

Wonderful new sink and faucets!

Kitchen Transformation: Photos of a Step-by-Step Renovation Process
5/24/12 12:57 PM

Hey! Watch me swing from the chandelier!!

Resto Goes Huge Into Baby & Kids
4/5/12 01:32 PM

Awful. All of it.

IKEA PS 2012: A Look at What's to Come from the Swedish Home Retailer
3/19/12 01:08 PM

Poached egg on a baked potato is my favorite supper.

Easy Meal! Prosciutto & Mozzarella with Poached Eggs
3/5/12 12:04 PM

Every home should have at least one of Terence Conran's books.

The 8 Books Every Home Decorator Should Own
2/28/12 02:37 PM

New England Clam Chowder, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Apple Pie....

Happy President's Day! 20 Classic American Recipes To Celebrate
2/20/12 12:00 PM

Clean sheets. Lots of pillows. Big bedside table for lamp and books.

Ten Tips for The Sexiest Bedroom... Like Ever (And also for finding love)
2/13/12 02:50 PM

Could do without the can of Raid on the bedside table.

An Autumn Escape to Fire Island
10/3/11 04:32 PM