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Art (primarily watercolor)

These awesome little works of art depict sweet animals in person-like situations or with person like expressions. The seller describes them as whimsical and that's a perfect name for them. They seem like they belong in a storybook, but the muted watercolors and the adult situations the animals are in make them perfect for a cute little frame in a grown-up pad.

Please don't buy the squirrel in the blue dress because although everything by this seller is VERY reasonable, its a tough month and I'm waiting to buy her. I love her so...

Our Favorite Etsy Stores — And Tell Us Yours! Roundup | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/18/10 11:34 PM

I tried to comment on her All Things Thrifty site but am having some trouble. She is really detailed with instructions but then just simply says to mount the pieces to the board. It seems the whole project is pretty self explanatory except for this mounting part. Help?

DIY Large Statement Headboard from All Things Thrifty | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/18/10 03:34 PM


Do you ever have a cranky kind of day and wish for some dark colors, though? I only ask because my place is pretty dark and I have really happy days where I wish for some lighter ones.

Light and Playful PastelsSweet Fancy | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/17/10 09:27 PM

My 2 cents:

I can understand these points. BUT it seems that the real safety issue here is with an intruder coming inside. If someone is breaking in you won't want to go to the door to get the keys before sneaking out - you will just want a quick exit - unless you are going to fight them off. Also, if the door is open you can't get to the keys. But hey, what is this, a survival guide? No way =-) About the hallways...

It was said that they seemed cluttered, but I don't think that is so terrible. They all look eclectic and the things there are necessity or clever and decorative. I'm all for clearing clutter, but for me, the stuff that goes by the door needs a really easily accessible, no-fuss place to go or else it goes on the floor, over/on the chair by the door or makes it into the house with me and ends up on the table, couch, bathroom, etc, and is lost when I am on my way out.

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5/17/10 09:14 PM

I think this really depends on how often you use a dining area. I have a similar home (also built in the 1920's) and had a similar problem. In the end I decided that my dining table usually was a collector of mail so I opted for another sitting room. I cut the legs of our medium-large sized round dining table shorter so it is more like a large coffee table now. I set up 4 comfy armless chairs (from target) around it and have some books and flowers sitting out on it now. I love the chairs so much that we actually use the room to eat more now than we would of with a formal setting. It's perfect for wine gossip or eating on the floor or sitting with a bowl held in hand. We use the built in cabinetry for board games and some dishes. We are anything but traditional dinners, though. So, just make sure it works best for your lifestyle.

Furniture for 1920s Craftsman Dining Room?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/4/10 10:53 AM

Hey Danny,
I think this sounds like a great idea. A fun weekend project could be sanding down (assuming it's wood) your square table, re-staining, painting a large circle in the middle of the table and then re-varnishing. The circles edges could go right to the edge of the table and you could choose a great contrasting color or even make some sort of circular pattern out of it. This would be an even better match than a circular table by mixing the 2 circles with the square.
Even if you aren't down for this much work, a circular table topper or Marie-Eves idea of a bowl could work too.
Good luck!

Is a Square Table with a Round Rug a Bad Design Choice? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
5/4/10 10:45 AM