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DON'T PAINT! i've moved west and miss vermont and this aesthetic so much. there is so much potential here! like someone said, think ralph lauren - modern cabin. bright white linens with plaid/pendleton style blankets on the bed... go to and get inspired! your guests will LOVE feeling like they're getting an authentic vermont experience!

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/15/12 02:17 PM

not to be redundant, but the pyrex has great for me. i don't think they're much heavier than the other stuff i carry around. we usually take one out to dinner to bring leftovers home in, too. if i didn't already have a good stock i'd certainly try these.

Good Product: Snapware Glass Lock Containers
4/20/11 05:07 PM

love, love, love. you are lucky to have such great heirlooms. it makes me sad to think of the untold history of little pieces of history i get at estate sales. at least they get to live on in my home :)

Preserving Family Memories in the Home
3/21/11 11:46 PM

am going to put this to practice on the elbows of my mother's old sweater! i love it - so beautiful and saving it, too. thx!

Beautiful and Practical Sock Mending Techniques
3/19/11 10:53 PM

i hate partition walls! i'd install vintage windows or milk plexi to take that thing to the ceiling and still let light through.

Suggestions for Painting the Partition Wall?
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1/12/11 02:17 PM

get inspired:

Upholsterers & Upholstery for Favorite Chair?
Good Questions

1/12/11 02:02 PM

i've not seen it before - so thank you!

Organization Tip: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
1/7/11 08:10 PM

oh, and go portland!

Green Style: A Restored Home Gone Green in Portland
1/7/11 08:04 PM

it's a GREAT looking house. i appreciate all the choices, as it's many of the same things i've done and i like to think the small things add up. i'm also a fan of the vintage appliance, you can argue energy consumption over materials (as my BF does) but i think there is something so beautiful about objects made to last.

Green Style: A Restored Home Gone Green in Portland
1/7/11 08:03 PM

we asked for these for christmas, and though we haven't used them they seem like they're pretty great:

5 Affordable Organic Sheet Sets
1/7/11 07:39 PM

there is nothing i don't love.

Tim Sara's South Philly Setup House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
3/18/10 02:28 PM

underwhelming is right. i'm kind of surprised to see this mcmansion aesthetic being featured on AT. nothing wrong with it for the masses, but i read this blog to be inspired and to celebrate those who are doing things their own way.

Lucinda's Peachtree Project House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
3/12/10 04:28 PM

everyone's an expert... i'm with abg on the turquoise paint as a way to freshen up what you have. starting from scratch is just wasteful. moving the art lower, and losing the throw/chair for something white and more modern would be cool. maybe sub out the green paint on the dresser for white to tie that together?

How Can I Bring This Bedroom Into 2010? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/9/10 03:28 PM

hippo is the best. worth noting, they can also replate lighting fixtures. i found a great swag light for a random sconce in my master bedroom, and they were able to replate it in chrome to match the tension lamp i already had. they updated all the wiring, too.

Hippo Hardware: Vintage Hardware, Lighting Plumbing Store Profile | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/5/10 01:21 PM

are they black or unfinished wood? if they're still wood pull that sheet rock down and expose the slats for a design feature people will envy! if they're already painted black, then i'm with the masses, paint them white.

Design Emergency! Paint the Beams?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/5/10 01:17 PM

i love the vintage pink tub. and love how you made it look like a design decision in the space. so great.

Down Under and Family Friendly House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/5/10 01:06 PM

these are perfect for under the sink (as we have 3 right now: glass, co-mingled, and non-curbside items). the bags are always toppling into each other.

would totally do it if the price was for all 3.

Recycling Made Easy Good Finds | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/9/10 04:46 PM

now i just need that solid wood door to turn up at the rebuilding center! such a good idea!

Doorlite Kits by Crestview Doors | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/10/10 05:07 PM

scandinavian or not - it's modern, clean, and the thoughtful details/art make the space inviting. amazing patio!

Denis and Heather's Scandinavian Treasure House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/23/09 01:47 PM

ag! no info on where that lovely sofa is from??

Color Inspiration: Green and Gold | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/11/09 05:44 PM