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Thanks for all of the lovely comments, but I only did the interior design. The renovation would not have been possible without the extremely talented people at Neuhaus Design and Interior Alterations, Inc.

JP Warren

A Brooklyn Brownstone Renovation by JP Warren Interiors
Desire To Inspire

6/6/11 10:45 AM

Hi Emily,

I met you last night at Thirsty Thursday. I am the person with the buried papers. You were right, your name alone was enough to find the post. Your apartment looks great!

I have a page on FB called Infectious Decoritis. If you are a FB person, friend me.

There is another party this coming Thursday, same place. Hope to see you!



Emily's Double-Duty Downsize
House Call

9/10/10 08:45 PM

Also - Ochre has a similar chair, not quite as beautiful but not quite as expensive.

Doing Up A Door | Apartment Therapy DC
5/1/10 04:34 PM

I love the chair in the first photo. It is the most comfortable chair ever. It is B&B Italia - - Maxalto. The collection is Kalos Apta. I can't remember the price. It's either a 4 or and 8 and that could be one or the pair. I also don't remember whether I saw the price in Euros or USD. Regardless, it is stunning!

Doing Up A Door | Apartment Therapy DC
5/1/10 04:26 PM