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Same idea, not as mod, half the price. Make your own holes

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Food Map Container at Dwell on Design#comments#comments
6/6/08 05:32 PM

I realize I am TOTALLY in the minority but I would rather see shoes and antlers than live animals in a small home this makes totally no sense to me. Do not get me wrong I love animals.
Built space=humans
Natural space=animals

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie
4/22/08 12:10 PM

Cincinnati chili can have beans if you ask, but basically it is like a burger, some are just spiced differently. I LOVE Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, white bean chili, etc. I do not think they should be compared because they are so differnet.

From Cincy with love...........

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Cincinnati Chili Really Chili? From The Kitchn: Our sister site that promotes cooking & eating at home
1/26/08 04:59 AM

bamboo sheets, mmmm.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Bed, Bath & Beyond?
1/19/08 06:29 AM

Since there is 7 sq ft of storage for every person in the US to stand inside secondary storage at the same time. I just find this frightening!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Storage Overload
1/17/08 12:12 PM has awesome tubs!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Soaking Tub Similar to the OmniTub in the U.S.?
1/17/08 10:50 AM

im in

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 05:28 PM

I have never closed my lid. It does not clog, leak or slip. Could this be a bad batch that you got? Also, if you liked the Karim bottle methodhome still sells it.

Apartment Therapy - Good Product, Bad Packaging: Method Dish Soap
11/13/07 12:13 PM

Educate yourselves! National Geographic did a piece last month online about being green and mentioned IKEA as the place to go for affordable green bedding. Also, alot of their woods are chosen for their sustainability. I live on a very comfortable DWR budget and I am an interior designer, I love IKEA. I do not want my house to look like the catalog but, I like many pieces. Just because you put it together does not make the furniture cheap, in terms of quality.

Apartment Therapy - October 2007 IKEA brochure- What's your take?
10/30/07 01:14 PM

Not all designers charge that way, if you are good it is not about what you sell but how you improve upon a persons life. It is not ethical for a designer to charge hourly AND mark up their product. Report them if you find this happening.

Good Questions: Recommendations for Designers?
4/9/07 06:42 AM


The difference between using a decorator or a designer depends on the scope of your project. A designer is certified by the states in which they practice to not only design but make change to your interior built environment as well as provide interior decoration. Designers have a code of ethics which they would ideally adhere to as well. Decorators can be quite helpful in providing basic finish and decor changes. Decorating should most definately not be torture, and I apologize on behalf of my profession for you poor experiences. A budget should always be the designers first consideration and if they can not work within your budget they should let you know that up front. If you have photos and questions you are welcome to email me at

Good Questions: Recommendations for Designers?
4/7/07 08:28 AM