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it is very rare to see such a beautiful place in birmingham ( my hometown) so it makes me happy to see your home. its lovely! i love the wooden stairs.

i just wish it had some more color, and personality. its an amazing place, but feels a little cold without much color.

wonderful job though, its incredible!

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1/21/11 01:39 AM

Name:Under the sycamore

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1/20/11 01:30 PM

this is by far this most amazing this i have laid eyes on. a-ma-zing!!! you have NO idea what I would do just to live there!! What a beautiful place!

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12/13/10 02:29 AM

we have had about 5 false fire alarms within the past month. No one in our building goes outside anymore, most just sit there and take it. Sometimes it goes off for stupid the Advertisment office downstairs had someone put food in the microwave and made the whole building go haywire. Im pretty sure the local fire department hates our building and probably already knows its going to be false by the time they start to get ready. After a while, its just ignored. if there is ever something real that happens, I am pretty sure no one would notice. which is NOT cool.

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12/7/10 11:58 PM

I LOVE THIS!! If it wasn't so darn time consuming i would be on it in a heartbeat. Great job!

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12/6/10 02:03 PM

this = amazing.

Im so jealous! I love your doors, and that green wall is amazing! Can I come stay with you guys???

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11/24/10 01:32 PM

i love the cityscape shower curtain! A friend of mine just bought one, and I tried to find it and couldnt. You have no idea how stoked I am that AT found it and put a link up. THANKS!

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7/9/10 05:38 PM

my boyfriend has the A40s. Except for the fact that he is almost deaf so he cant hear himself yelling at the television, when they are being used right (which is when you can whisper and those you are talking to can still hear you) then they are awesome! I highly recommend them (for those that know how to use their inside voices, unlike my boyfriend) :)

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6/25/10 02:58 PM