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Thumbs up on MacBride's comments.

Separately, it would show better empty - not a fan of the furniture.
I think they were going for something more Jackson Hole,
but ended up with Grand Rapids.

Bensonwood Homes: Prefab Construction Goes Green
2/29/12 11:33 PM

We don't exactly fly in the face of tradition, but my family tries something different every year.... chorizo cornbread, sausage apple, sourdough artichoke, you name it. We have generations of good eaters and food lovers.

This year, I'm going to try a simple walnut and golden raisin stuffing and I have a really good feeling about it. I look forward to our annual thanksgiving adventure.

The Great Stuffing Debate: Pepperidge Farm vs. All the Rest
11/23/11 12:48 AM

Yay! I love this selection. I just borrowed a soup cookbook from my local library and it was so blah!

I'm still looking for a simple (possibly vegetable) delicious borscht recipe. It's a fall craving.

Soup for Supper: 25 Nourishing, Delicious Soups
10/25/11 11:57 PM

Something in the turquoise family, but tinted as pale and close to white as possible. It will have the warmth to set off the lovely gray sofa, yet be cool enough to help the yellow and red continue to pop.

Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?
The Color Cure

8/18/11 12:00 AM

Okay, I don't have OCD, but stainless is soo finger print friendly and hard to keep clean.

I know how to clean it, but it sure would be nice to do it less often - This simple new white look is just the thing for me.

Trend Watch: Is White the New Stainless Steel?
6/9/11 09:37 PM

First of all what happened to the jogger? Do they no longer recommend exercise?

The plate would be a good idea if plates were not so enormous these days. I can't even get my cabinets to close on them. Plus, it may confuse consumers into thinking they need to eat from all categories at every meal instead of throughout the day.

I generally eat fruit in the morning, at snack time or for dessert in the evening.

High protein grains and legumes should be one category and then shrink animal protein and dairy categories. Expand the veggie rainbow pie! (riffed from Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory pyramid)

This USDA plate reeks of the typical American diet that is causing chronic illness and global warming.

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Food Plate
6/4/11 03:06 AM

So glad to find this recipe - I was thinking of roasting cherries with red onions and sprinkling them with balsamic vinegar and thyme for a side dish and then mixed with barley for leftovers. I love Spring and Summer!

Thanks for the temps and times and wish me luck!

Recipe: Roasted Cherries
6/4/11 02:39 AM

The phenomena of celebrity hate is actually way more interesting to me than the cookbook.

Ms. Paltrow's followers (haters) should be part of a study in social psychology.

Why You Should Give Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook a Chance
5/5/11 05:29 PM

I think those of us who cook for one are challenged in that we often have to purchase more than we need.

A good example is a loaf of bread, which would normally serve a family over a few days. Most of us know to put in the freezer, what we will not be using in the short term. However, this system is less than ideal in terms of eating foods at their freshest and staying within a weekly budget for one.

Deli, butcher and fish counters are a great resource for solo cooks for this very reason - also many bakeries offer small loaves or buns that can be purchased individually.

There is much to be said for purchasing just what you need. Bulk values are not always the smartest approach. One of the pleasures of cooking for one are the modest splurges that do not break the bank.

Cooking for One? 5 Unexpectedly Inexpensive Dinner Ideas
4/20/11 04:05 PM

Oh, my gosh. There is a food truck in the Bay Area that sells the most amazing Cuban egg salad sandwich. The salad is simple with chop green onion, served on french bread with arugula and the best part.... jalapeno potato chips inside the sandwich. It might be the best I have ever had.

An Egg Salad Sandwich, Eight Ways
4/2/11 05:46 PM

Sorry, Honey. I'm sleeping on the rug tonight.

7 Tips for Creating a Cozy, Calming Bedroom
3/2/11 02:39 AM

I think the mixed reaction is what she is going for...."kid repeller" chic. Parental consent required.

Meghan Boody's Trippy Tribeca Loft
New York Magazine

3/2/11 02:36 AM

Oh, I forgot to add that I hope he does not get colon cancer.

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
2/23/11 02:40 AM

I think he's just being a hater. I have my contrarian moments, so I will try not judge him too harshly.

However, if you are going to hate on something, let it be a negative social phenomena, as opposed to a growing enlightenment about kind animal husbandry, healthy land stewardship and resource conservation.

Some folks are just really resistant to change and are more comfortable with flavorless, pesticide and hormone laden meals.

Are Foodies Single-Minded?
2/23/11 02:33 AM

What cuties! And one (or both) of them is a really talented decorator.

Tomas and Eric's Downtown Davinci Loft
House Tour

1/21/11 05:00 PM

I really like the rolling cabinet idea, but I would pull the TV out of the corner and place it along the empty wall.

Next, I would get a much larger rug (natural grass versions can be affordable). Then orient the sofa toward the relocated TV/Kitchen entrance with an end near the fireplace, but not blocking it.

Add a love seat facing the fireplace, adjacent to the sofa. Put something beautiful in the corner and maybe even add another chair, table or ottoman......all in good time.

You may have to roll the TV forward a bit when in use, but it's worth it.

Next question, what to do about your dining room table a chairs?


Large TV Solution?
Good Questions

1/15/11 03:25 AM

Such a fun topic!

A baked sweet potato with Greek yogurt and maple syrup is one of my top 5 breakfasts.

Also, I have taken to spicing cherry/apple cider with black chai tea bags and making warm strawberry compote for my oatmeal. (frozen fruit perfect for this purpose).

10 Food Tips To Keep You Happy During Winter
1/14/11 04:00 AM

The biggest vegan challenges are avoiding dairy and not consuming too many carbs.

I love the tempeh ideas...keep'em coming :-)

Vegan Dinners! 15 Vegan Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn
Recipe Roundup

1/12/11 02:18 AM

If we take possible toxicity and addictive qualities away from refined white flour and sugar, we are still left with nutritionally empty calories that sap energy.

I am a big believer in moderation and prefer to avoid guilt inducing restrictions. It really helps that I am able enjoy all kinds of foods, even the healthy variety.

When I eat anything, I think about the temple (my body) and what am I offering it. Frankly, cupcakes seldom make it into the offering basket, but dark chocolate with almonds, walnuts, and/or fruit are offered regularly...and the same goes for oatmeal and vegetable-laden pasta al dente.

As a society at large, we need to re-think our relationship to food (simple sugars included) in a myriad of ways, if not for our own sake then for future generations.

I applaud the Kitchn, Mrs. Paltrow and Dr. Lipman for bringing this important topic into the dialog.

Gwyneth Paltrow On Breaking Sugar Addiction

11/6/10 05:02 PM

I'm a Bittman fan and I like the boiling water idea. Since I consume so much healthy vegetarian food (like Mark), there is almost always a rice, grain, or pasta to make plus a vegetable to lightly steam.

Wasting the unused water is a choice that can easily be avoided.

I think I'll go put 2 cups of water on now :-)

Chop, Don't Mince: Time-Saving Tips from Mark Bittman
10/17/10 02:59 AM