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Not only is this awesome, but, conveniently enough, that is also my son's name. I would like to make one. Thank you.

Toddler LED Name Switch Toy

12/9/11 06:42 PM

Agreed wholeheartedly with jmorri26 - no how-to books and no art supply kits. Just a waste. A sketchbook IS inspiration itself, so if that's what the kid wants, get him that! That's what I wanted as a kid.

Also appreciated some different, more sophisticated supplies at that age - watercolor pencils made me feel super cool, for instance.

Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Interested in Art
Good Questions

12/5/11 04:57 PM

@Amanda the Geek, yes, I acknowledge that I don't own the idea. I do own the slogan, though, and I've resolved it with Tawna.

Children's Art Turned Into Oil Paintings
10/29/11 05:19 PM

When I ask the children themselves, they're excited about it, not insulted. The kids who have something special done with their artwork feel proud and legitimized, and I have had many kids beg their parents to send stuff back to me several times. It's a collaboration and a celebration of what they do. And I do print original children's artwork straight to canvas for customers - sometimes original is best, sometimes doing more with it is fun.

Children's Art Turned Into Oil Paintings
10/29/11 05:18 PM

Ohdeedoh posted a piece about my company, Fine Doodles, which offers the very same service ( and in a round-up a few months later).

It seems that someone else came up with the same idea, which is fine and not surprising. But we also have the very same slogan. "Your child's art, reimagined."


Children's Art Turned Into Oil Paintings
10/27/11 05:35 PM

I don't understand this. Both of my kids stopped falling asleep anywhere but their beds after they were six months old or so. I wish I could get them to sleep even just in the car again. How do these kids get this tired when they're just about the house?

Your Kids Sleep In The Darndest Places
7/11/11 03:38 PM

Glasses aren't nerdy anymore.

Make Blog's 10 Projects for Dads and Kids
6/27/11 04:27 PM

I bought one of her clutches, and I love it.

Creating Interest With Paint

6/15/11 01:02 AM

One of the Dinosaur Comics whiteboards.

The Best Mother's Day Gift
Reader Survey

5/3/11 04:01 PM

My daughter (seven months) is sleeping in the bathroom off my son's (twenty-five months) room until their bedtimes match up better. She was in our bathroom, but we woke her up too easily. She and I both sleep better when separated by those walls.

Does a Baby Need Four Walls?
Good Questions

4/18/11 07:43 PM there a reason you can't just pick the frames you want and take the glass out? That's how I frame my work, also on board.

How To Frame these Family Paintings?
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3/30/11 06:26 PM

Relax. Babies don't need pendant lamps and cute bookshelves and expensive things. They need a relaxed, loving mommy.

Seeking Affordable Nursery Ideas
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3/15/11 01:41 PM

I couldn't handle using a boppy after my c-section. It sits just in the wrong spot. But a freezer stocked full of meals and a clean house were the best gifts to come home to.

Care Package Ideas For New Moms
3/9/11 05:40 PM

Shower curtain or bedspread?

Let the Sun Shine In: Sunny Yellow Goods

2/15/11 06:04 PM

I spy the SLC temple in the red frame, too.

Painted Garage Sale Frames
Flickr Find

12/16/10 12:16 PM

Seems like most toys up until the past few decades have been just fine without making noise.

My son got hearing aids at 5 months, and he's loved books since he was even younger than that. Our early intervention services told us to really encourage a love of reading, because that's something that many deaf kids struggle with. Your nephew may only be six months old, but he'll grow. Pictures, textures, pop-ups - they'll still appeal to him. Deaf or not, books are always winners.

Gifts for a Deaf Infant
Good Questions

12/14/10 05:37 PM

"It's easy to get caught up in the materialism of modern holidays and volunteering for a charity can be a great reminder that community is just as important as that new Xbox."

Also Jesus.

7 Holiday Traditions to Start This Year
12/9/10 04:12 PM

We thought we would have to hunt hard for a smooth, seam-free high chair. Hate the crud that can build up in the cracks and corners. Then we stumbled on the Antilop. It was cheap and good-looking. Perfect.

Babble's "10 Best IKEA Products for Kids"
11/24/10 04:57 PM


What Can You Make With 200+ Colored Pencils?
10/29/10 04:23 PM

The painting is...truly bad. Can he get away with selling that, legally? Is there a big market for LOST fan art I should be jumping into?

Decor Inspired by LOST Roundup | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/24/10 07:55 PM