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Delightful to see a sister coffee geek on here. Good luck with The Cure. Your space already looks great!

Kim's Cure: Finishing Touches and Details Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/4/14 05:36 PM

The Soderhamn Sofa looks soooo inviting in person. Too bad (?) I'm quite satisfied with my 6 year-old Karlstad and can't justify buying a new couch. I'll be dreaming of Soderhamn in the meantime.

More IKEA Eye Candy: 2014 Catalog Event in NYC
7/26/13 03:08 PM

I already loved this in white. Now I think I'll start a specific savings campaign to make this happen.

Orbit Chandelier by Patrick Townsend ICFF 2013
5/21/13 11:28 AM

I own two of Bryant's books and he is a fantastic cookbook author. I always loan out "Vegan Soul Kitchen" to folks who want to explore vegan cooking--I think he writes in a very approachable and sincere way. It helps that the recipes are delicious :-)

Bryant Terry's 5 Essentials for a Modern, Soulful Kitchen Expert Essentials
2/13/13 05:25 PM

I have become accustomed to mornings since I run a busy Park Slope coffee shop, but I am not by nature a morning person. Years of waking up at 4:30 has conditioned me so.

I usually roll out of bed, shower and change, remember to put on earrings, and then head out the door. My commute to work is via "Dollar Van," which is something probably familiar only to those who live off Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.

When I arrive at the cafe just before 6:00, there is usually a motley posse of reitrees awaiting me. I get my first sip of coffee around 6:15, and what a sweet nectar it is.

What's Your Morning Ritual?
1/4/13 04:43 PM

I love how self-assured their style is. The home is beautiful without being fussy. Great advice about use of color. Give that pup a scratch behind the ear for me!

Laurel & Margot's Celebration of Craft House Tour
1/3/13 06:48 PM

I've been LUSTING after this lamp since IKEA announced their PS 2012 line. I'm finally ready to buy two in black to use for bedside lamps as part of this round of The Home Cure!

IKEA PS 2012 Wall Lamp
1/3/13 03:15 PM

My favorite part of trimming the tree as a child was putting on the topper. Ours was just like the ones in the first photo, except gold. I've now inherited it and would never think of replacing it.

Put a Star on It: Christmas Tree Toppers
11/29/12 10:31 PM

"Contrived?" Get over yourself. People live in this home. Everyone is entitled to their respective opinions, but the anonymity of the internet is not a green light to be outright rude.

Isabel & Claire's Globetrotting Apartment House Tour
11/14/12 10:04 PM

I would be grateful to know what the exact paint color in the kitchen is--thanks in advance!

Alex & Sarah's Traveler's HomeHouse Tour
11/9/12 03:03 PM

Yes, I hope this become a full tour! I would love to see the kitchen.

Jamie's Personalized Rental House Call
11/8/12 10:56 PM

This is an excellent list. I cannot recommend "Firefly" enough. I'd also nominate "Battlestar Gallactica." Two great shows from the BBC to stream on Netflix are "Sherlock" and "Luther."

Lucky Seven: TV Shows Worth Streaming on Netflix
11/5/12 02:17 PM

My only experience with a Ghery building was visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario earlier this year. The exterior was nice, but the interior was simply breathtaking. We had no issues navigating our way through the museum--it seemed very practical.

Frank Gehry
Designer Dossier

9/9/12 04:04 PM

I keep 1-3 bags from Flip and Tumble in my purse/messenger at all times. In 2 years of owning these bags I have NOT ONCE forgotten a re-usable bag because they fold up so small. They are surprisingly sturdy and I love the bold colors. No, this is not a paid ad ;-)

In Search of the Perfect Market Bag: 10 Favorite Picks
7/10/12 10:29 PM

Great post. Too bad about all the hateful comments.

The Farmers' Market: Helpful Hints and Etiquette Tips
7/10/12 09:09 PM

My background is Italian-American and we always ate salad after the mains. My partner is Korean and he prefers salad alongside the main because of the customary banchan served with with meals in his culture. I have come to prefer it that way as well--the diversity of temperature, texture, and flavors really makes for a satisfying meal. So even if we are just having a simple green salad or something more elaborate, it get served simultaneously with the main dish.

Cultural Differences: Salad Before or After Dinner?
7/10/12 03:45 PM

I'm really impressed. Reading through the description here, I can't believe you folks didn't lose your minds while having no shower for 9 months. Everything looks expertly executed, despite taking a "learn-as-you-go" approach to the renovations. Beautiful tile work in the bathroom. Well done!

Anne & Tahoe's Barnum Bungalow House Tour
6/27/12 12:40 PM

I'd also like to add the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is superior to St Lawrence because it's the same concept in a similar venue, but done properly.

The Top 10 Outdoor Food Markets National Geographic
4/11/12 08:22 PM

St Lawrence Market is ok, but it's really just a meat-fest with little else. I have only been to 3 of the markets on this list, so I can't speak for most, but Union Square NYC really is fantastic.

The Top 10 Outdoor Food Markets National Geographic
4/11/12 08:21 PM

Having dietary restrictions, either by choice or physiology, does not make one a difficult or bad guest. Most kitchens ought to have some rice, veggies, and beans on hand at all times--EASY!

The Most Difficult Dinner Guest Ever: And 5 Delicious Meals To Feed Them
4/11/12 08:16 PM