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the entirety of the last picture looks faked/photoshopped, somehow, once you start looking at it closely. The elements look like ones in my floor plan software.

but it's still beautiful! and i love the cave itself!

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
6/29/14 04:01 PM

yeah, another one here who can't really justify voting yes without seeing bedroom and kitchen. Both are essential parts of the home. We didn't need 3.5 shots of the living room and one fairly useless (although charming) vignette.

Christina's Exposed Brick Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 09:29 PM

almost all of her/his comments are negative and s/he has a weird obsession with the legality of bedrooms.

Nicole's Cozy Not Cramped Small Cool Contest
6/6/14 12:35 AM

The architecture, the built-ins (that desk!), are too die for!

Consuelo's Contemporary Echo Park Craftsman Home House Tour
11/8/13 10:29 PM

no, it wasn't, at least not with regard to furniture. Sheldon had two lawn chairs and, I think, a lamp, no other furniture

Emmy Awards Weekend: \"Geek Chic\" Decor Inspired by the Big Bang Theory
9/24/13 04:01 PM

oooh, thanks for this Maxwell. I'd "found" poppin a while ago and then promptly forgot its name, and I couldn't find the right search parameters to get it to "pop" up in my google searches. Thanks!

White + Pool Blue West 18th File Cabinet
7/31/13 10:48 AM

I'm a little confused -- two of the items are orange or orange-and-something. Two of the items have are...not. Are you showing us these two items to suggest that they'd GO with something orange?? *scratching my head*

Decor Mix: Orange You Happy?
7/31/13 08:41 AM

It's from Lifeproof (http://www.lifeproof.com/en/iphone-5/?path=TopNav) and the model being tested is the frē. Note that the frē, pictured above, has a plastic cover over the front of your iPhone, while the newer version, the nüüd doesn't have such a cover, making the above test useless. I have the frē, and so far it's been great.

How to Test a Waterproof Phone Case Apartment Therapy Tutorials
7/8/13 09:31 PM

ditto to both tiny banquet and seawhitney. i was mildly interested in seeing the kitchen. not any more.

Dana's Sleek, Storage-Filled NYC Kitchen The Kitchn
7/4/13 08:35 PM

OMG, i am so with you on the "dinning" table! I have to stifle the impulse to reply to all these ads begging them to learn how to spell LOL!

What's Your City's Craigslist Culture?
7/4/13 07:57 PM

I owned the cb2 cielo sectional for a few months; I bought one off CL and sold it about 3 months later (because I got a steal on a DWR neo sectional off CL, which I'd been coveting for years). I have to say it looked great for the design I was going for, but I don't think it would have stood the test of time -- I was constantly trying to "fluff up" the seat cushions because they'd take my shape after sitting on them for an evening, then develop "channels" (i.e., the fill material would gravitate to either side of where my body would rest). I think that over time i would have found it lumpy and massively annoying.

Recommendations for a Small Sectional Sofa? Good Questions
6/17/13 04:24 PM

I'm also confused as to having to vote only one winner amongst the 4 categories. How on earth can you compare the compromises and decisions made to live in a teeny-tiny home vs the largest size?? Maybe I just don't remember previous years, but I could have sworn there was a teeny-tiny winner, a tiny winner, and so on.

And I, too, would have loved to vote for the international entries -- they were, IMO, among the most creative and fun!

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 05:44 PM

I agree with you, and others, who have suggested voting only once all the entries are in (i also like your idea of separate rent/own categories -- great idea!). Maybe present all the entries over a 3-4 week period, and then, once the entries are closed, a week to go to the Small Cool page, review the entries, and vote.

Not only do the late entries suffer from a reduction in voting time, but I suspect they also suffer from voter fatigue.

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 03:59 PM

I agree. What was the point of my carefully reviewing all the entries and voting for those I thought the best? Really disappointed. I won't even bother voting next year. What's the point?

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 02:46 PM

no www, just: http://transit-space.la

you can click on it above in "Resources of Note" under Living Room (Desks designed by Heinz).

Heinz & Veronique's Mid-Century Home + Prefab Cabin + Studio House Tour
6/1/13 11:15 PM

"To turn off the ability for Siri to use your location, go to Settings > Location Services and set the switch for Siri to Off."

This is wrong. In order to turn Location Services off for Siri, you need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and THEN scroll down to find Siri and select "OFF" to turn it off.

7 Settings To Conserve Your Smartphone Data Plan
5/14/13 02:25 PM

he notes in his write-up what's in the loft...

John's Sunlit Studio Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 06:15 PM

sorry -- what i mean is your list of beds doesn't gibe with the order of the pictures above the list

Get the Look: Modern Canopy Bed
3/23/13 12:39 AM

the links to the beds are all screwed up

Get the Look: Modern Canopy Bed
3/23/13 12:37 AM

matteo, matteo, matteo, ahhhhh!

If you you're not already on the Gilt.com and HomeMint.com mailing lists, sign up! They've had matteo sales fairly often -- that's how I've been able to afford the Matteo bedding I have.

Splurge Worthy:
10 Sources for Luxury Bedding

3/21/13 10:59 PM