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I used to not dwell on how my home was organized but something I saw in a news program changed my whole perspective. It was a while back, a crew was filming in a 'Yugoslavian' refugee camp during the tumultuous times in the Balkans. Most of the refugees were outside the camp working in temporary jobs that they could find in the area. The crew was entering tents at random and I distinctly remember one tent which was stacked with bunk beds and had one stove in the middle. Whoever was living there had put embroidered bed covers on the beds and had neatly made them up, there was also a kettle with boiling water on the stove. It felt so warm and peaceful. I thought, if they find the will, the energy and the time to keep their dwelling this way in those dire circumstances, I will do the same. When I let go, I always remember that image.

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9/21/08 12:01 PM

If it is a hand woven carpet please consider it as a painting. It is getting harder and harder to find such carpets because younger generation turkish women are chosing other careers. So please as you would not cut a painting do not cut your carpet and repair it professionally instead.

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