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i am one of the designers from the keep it cartesian group...

due to the overwhelming amount of emails i have received since the posts on mocoloco and apt therapy i have posted an explanation regarding the unavailability of the designs on our website.

we are hoping to license our designs to an interested manufacturer or to produce and sell the items independently through our website.

it's true, this was a class brief that we decided to extend beyond an academic requirement. after numerous prototypes we had a limited run manufactured locally in winnipeg and have had quite a lot of positive feedback. now that interest is being expressed outside of our city/province/country we are researching how to go about supplying the demand.

in regards to the questions about price, we had always planned to keep the retail price below $40 but that is all dependent on the scale of production.

if you have any other comments or questions, please contact us at

thank you for the kind words and suggestions.

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7/28/08 11:26 AM

buy some double sided tape and some window covering plastic... you shouldn't run into any moisture problems as it is essentially adding another pane to your window. most of the plastic coverings today can be heated up with a blow dryer to slightly shrink them and make them tight so you barely notice they are even in front of your window.

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12/18/07 07:22 AM

i always love to see good design and bikes side by side.
nice place.

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11/28/07 08:14 PM

this house is perfect.

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11/28/07 08:12 PM