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And to the editors of Ohdeedoh, how about a post with gift ideas for 2nd time parents with a same-gender baby? Sounds like you've got all the ingredients for the post right here in the comments...

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
Good Questions

2/1/11 04:15 PM

I come from a culture where baby showers are not the norm, and when I had my first I made it clear to my friends and colleagues that I would be uncomfortable with one, and everyone understood and showered their generosity on me after the baby was born (which was super nice -- I loved getting cute little gifts in the first weeks, when I was hardly leaving the house. it really cheered me up). Now I'm pregnant with #2 (same gender) and it's clear to me that I will get gifts again from the same friends, because why wouldn't they? yes, I have everything I need, but still, it's a cause for celebration. In my culture, registering is not the norm, but if it were, I think it would make perfect sense to register for diapers, wipes, diaper creams etc., and likewise, I think that in a culture where baby showers are the norm, there's nothing wrong with celebrating a 2nd baby and "registering" if you will, for the one thing you actually need. With respect to your moral dilemma, honestly, this is such an easy one to get around (look at all the wonderful suggestions people have posted), so I really think your true issue is that for some reason, you are begrudging your friend the opportunity for a second celebration (maybe you didn't feel comfortable when it was your turn?). To that I say, just think of all the positive things about your friend, pick a gift option and go. Have fun. And the next time an opportunity to celebrate presents itself in your own life, embrace it and make sure to share it with your friends.

Gift Etiquette and Moral Dilemmas
Good Questions

2/1/11 04:10 PM

The bedding is pretty, but this post really caused me to roll my eyes. "it might just help your little one get more sleep"... please. you don't need luxury bedding for that, any 100% cotton bedding will do just fine, and don't we all know that sometimes no amount of effort or money you throw at it will make your child sleep through the night.
If people have the money to spend on luxury bedding, good for them. but can we please abandon this silly narrative?

Luxurious Baby Bedding from Matteo
11/5/10 12:36 PM

It's funny that the post mentions that they considered skipping an infant seat b/c they don't own a car -- to me, that was the only reason NOT to skip an infant carseat. If I owned a car, I would have bought a convertible from day 1. Since I live in NYC and don't own a car, I thought an infant seat that I can easily install in a cab and can attach to the stroller frame was the best option. Now that my daughter no longer fits in it, I have bought a convertible and now I feel I can only use it when we rent. There's no way I would drag it on a cab ride, and since I will not have my daughter in a car without a carseat (even if it's technically allowed in cabs), we just don't travel by car as much. Yes, it was convenient to take her in the infant carseat, but if I owned a car, I would have just started with a convertible.

Skipping the Infant Car Seat | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/12/10 12:52 PM

We're considering getting an ISS unit. What do people think about the service/quality? How have the shelves held up? Thanks!

ISS Designs Shelving System in a New York Apartment | Apartment Therapy New York
4/30/10 04:01 PM

Beautiful apartment. Are those shelves from ISS designs?

A Garret Transformed House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
4/28/10 02:42 PM