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Felt! So genius. Thanks for the great suggestion - I'll be picking up some of that this week.

@blackink and @BlueSkiesTX- it's definitely possible there was some liquid on the ottoman that went unnoticed. It was also extremely hot and humid that day, so that probably played a part too. In any case, I'll be extra careful about spills and liquids from now on.

Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions and help! - monica

How To Fix Leather on Ottoman?
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11/20/11 05:43 PM

Hi all - thanks for all the comments so far! I will say that I'm almost positive that this is not pleather and is in fact real leather (I mean, PB charges almost a grand for this thing!). When I called PB customer service, the rep explained that the top layer is dyed of the leather used for this ottoman, and that is what peeled off. Not sure if that's true or not, but I did try the suggested shoe polish (from a can) remedy. It helped...but obviously did not totally fix the problem - the patch is still a different texture - rougher and more almost suede-like. To be honest, we've almost stopped noticing the patch, and have continued to use the original offending tray, but any more suggestions are completely welcome! - monica

How To Fix Leather on Ottoman?
Good Questions

11/18/11 11:12 PM

Who makes those awesome panels above the couch? (looks like a cityscape?)The artwork is awesome - I've been looking for something exactly like that!

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7/13/11 10:24 PM