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Because I have a dog who sleeps with us and because I live in a hot weather place, I change everything every 3 or 4 days... clean sheets is just heaven!

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3/3/11 01:35 PM

nomadgio, the building is Copan, in São Paulo. Just google it and you'll find a lot of stuff.

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9/22/10 08:48 AM

Très sympa!

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6/23/10 03:56 PM

why not to clean it yourself?,,20658746-EX,00.jpg

(sorry, I could not resist!)

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5/21/10 09:13 AM

I'd use an off-white or other light color rug big enough to be a little bit under the couch and to contrast with it. And I wouldn't paint the wall, I think white walls are great because you can easily change a room's color only changing cushions and other cheaper decorative items (like some you may put on those terrific shelves). As for the art, I think it depends on your taste... I prefer a grid of framed prints. One big piece of art would call too much attention, and I think your shelves may be the stars of your room.

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5/11/10 01:43 PM