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Just curious (and maybe I missed the answer earlier), but why did you build the closet there and cover up a window (you said that you wanted more light in that space) and not build it on that back wall?

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Building Back Up Renovation Diary
7/17/14 02:47 PM

I painted my entire house in Sherwin Williams Icicle. It is on the white side of a very soft, but very bright blue-grey. Just this past weekend, I painted an accent wall in my living room and the dining room ceiling (that overlooks the living room), "Distance" from the same colour card. Almost everyone who comes to my home for the first time asks me what colour my walls are. Gorgeous colour! I used satin wall paint.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Suggestions For Dark Living Room? Good Questions
7/8/14 03:27 PM

Gorgeous!!! (As for the comment about the heat register being covered up, if you look at her site, near the bottom of the pile of pics, the close up picture of the desk shows the register is unobstructed.)

Before & After: From Blank, Black Bedroom to True Oasis
7/3/14 03:05 PM

$1,100 for a custom door, $350 for install, including rebuilding the rotted frame - my townhouse was built in the '70s and the sidelight is attached as one unit. The door portion on the old door was really small and any large delivery meant taking the door off its hinges. The new door has a great surprise that I love - the sidelight panel even opens up with a click of two latches - giving me an opening of over 43". The glass panels are beautiful with a combination of clear and frosted glass with some iron work. Love it!

How Much Did it Cost to Buy & Install Your New Front Door? Reader Intelligence Request
6/19/14 03:57 PM


Chad and Dave's Modern Dream Home House Tour
4/30/14 02:12 PM

Gorgeous! Everything is perfect. I put those doors (from HD) in both my bathrooms (swinging out into the halls to create the illusion of more space in the bathrooms) and laundry room (pocket door style lucky me). Love!

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/30/14 12:15 PM

This is looking great. One question ... where are the counter-hight wall plugs hiding for your kettle, toaster, etc? Have they been marked but not cut out yet or can you just not see them in these pics?

Jennifer's Kitchen: Moving Right Along Renovation Diary
4/17/14 02:12 PM

Love this. I am in school house door envy mode.

Jomeara - it says in the article that "The guest bedrooms and the window treatments are works in progress" .... so hopefully you won't have to hate for long - I'm sure those will be just as gorgeous as the rest.

Jesa's Bay Ridge Cool House Tour
4/15/14 12:47 PM

How about painting out the upper cabinets a very light colour and staining the lower cabinets a darker tone of wood (or painting them out a darker tone) to take away that they totally blend into the floor. Update the hardware or save some money and spray the handles that are already there a different colour or metal spray finish.

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/14/14 11:22 AM

The Green Cat - how about using a tie or belt hook hanger (the type that holds quite a few) and then just hang it with your clothes in your closet or on a hook on the inside of your closet door.

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways to Organize Jewelry
1/17/14 11:41 AM

CheezLiz - how about framing a double-thick layer of cork and then just poking your pairs of studs into it. The frame can then either sit on your dresser or be hung on the wall. Then just put all the backs into a nice little jar or grannie's tea cup for easy grab.

Stylish Storage: 10 Ways to Organize Jewelry
1/17/14 11:38 AM

Just redid my bathroom and put in glass - I bought the triple Aviva pump. Aviva are push button so no handles to break off. For AuntSusan above, the Aviva triple also has hooks in between the dispensers for razors and/or scrubbies. LOVE mine. As for the others who say messy - the Aviva has large lids that remove from the top of each so you can refill right in your shower or remove the dispensers individually for a refill and clean if needed. I have not had a clog or mess or anything with mine. Been about two months now.

One Minute Tip: Brett's See-Through Shower Solution Apartment Therapy Videos
11/15/13 12:15 PM

I used an old decorative glass bottle (that probably once held oil or something) and popped a liquor dispenser in it. It looks a lot better sitting on the counter than a plastic bottle of dish soap. I just give it a clean each time I have to refill the bottle to avoid soap goo blockage. Perfect! I like this dispenser shown though.

Dish Soap Cruet by Chef's Planet
9/9/13 10:45 AM

My very first thought also was to switch the fridge and stove. Instead of a bar table though, I'd continue the countertop (even around that jut-out) and put a couple of counter-height stools there - that way you can eat in, look out the window, and also have a larger (continual) food prep space .

Introducing Dan's Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
9/5/13 02:57 PM

@Marie-Eve C - I just checked Ikea Toronto, Canada and they still carry it - not sure what part of Canada you're from. $16.99 here. It's great when you have those lighting jobs around the house when you need an extra set of hands and no place for 2 ladders. My daughter stood on one this past weekend while taking the weight of a ceiling fan I was taking down, while I stood on a larger ladder to undo the wiring. Perfect!

Find the Furniture: The IKEA Bekvam Stool
6/27/13 11:46 AM

My friend (here in Canada) called a company that took apart her couch and reassembled it in the room she wanted it in - it could not fit through the front door of her house. You'd never know that it was taken apart and she never had a bit of problems with it. I am betting there are a lot more companies to choose from in the US to do this.

Sofa for Room with Narrow Entryway Opening? Good Questions
5/30/13 11:40 AM

First, get a closet organizer - even if you have a 5' closet, you can get a great one for not a lot of money - that way you are getting storage above and below that rod. Change out that curtain for a 2-3" white wood slat blind if you need the blackout effect, or a simple bamboo for some texture if you don't. Under the window get something like the Ikea (or Home Depot carries them too) Expedite four bin storage cube in white. The heavy cloth zip bottom (foldable) pull out bins exactly fit this cube for sweaters, purses, shoes, etc. and looks like it would fit below the window and you could put a cushion on it for a seat.

Ideas for Nook with Window? Good Questions
5/28/13 10:01 AM

I bought 2 plain chandeliers from Ikea for my old apartment (sadly discontinued). The kitchen was in the middle of the place so no natural light at all. Like yours, it had 2 light fixtures. For $70 I bought 2 black wrought iron chandeliers, removed the chains, spray painted them bright gloss yellow (you can use white), and hung them as close to the ceiling as possible. Each had 6 chandelier bulbs in it. When you turned the lights on - bam - the kitchen was flooded with light. I found similar ones at Home Depot in the States for you - they are brushed nickel, but I'd still spray them white to really brighten your space and bring in the cabinet colour.

Kitchen Color that Works with Terrible Lighting? Good Questions
5/13/13 11:41 AM

LOVE THIS KITCHEN .... the light coming in is beautiful. As for your wonky lights that won't hang straight ... I had the same problem with one in my home. I had an old clip on earring and attached it to the rod on the inside of the light (my light has a cloth covering instead of paper) and moved it around until the light hung straight... actually took two earings to do it. I have also used spare change to get a light level (just tape as many coins as you need together and then tape them either to the top of the fixture or inside the fixture on the rod - wherever they will show the least) ... whalla - straight lighting.

Faith's Kitchen Renovation:
The Big Reveal, the Final Result! Renovation Diary: Faith's Budget Luxe Kitchen

4/19/13 03:25 PM

Why not remove the windows, raise the opening a foot or so, and build in a corner bench seat and a small table - or turn it around and make a small home office nook facing the "light" in the hallway - then you could work and look out at the same time.

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/5/13 03:15 PM