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have you been back since then? i've an opportunity to stay there soon, but don't know if it's suitable for this particular trip to the desert....

Weekend Getaway: Joshua Tree and Rosa Muerta
Los Angeles

3/15/13 10:06 PM

ohmygoodness. i was just googling encaustic tile for my bathroom reno, and this is pretty much everything i picked for *my* bathroom, down to the colours! eep! well, it's nice to know that what i had envisioned will actually work out beautifully :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Question Answered! Bathroom Renovation Follow-up
9/24/09 05:39 AM

the tiles themselves are known as encaustic concrete or cement tiles. just use a search engine to look that up and you will see hundreds of designs/colours and a wide array of prices. they are dead cheap to produce, so you might be able to find a company with a smaller mark up.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Found! Granada Tiles
7/23/08 07:19 PM

i have clear plastic (acrylic?) switchplates i bought from the 99 cent store long ago; you just put in your own images/wallpaper/ephemera in and they are protected by the cover. also, you don't have to glue anything in so you can change the look easily.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Vintage Wallpaper Lightswitch Covers
7/1/08 09:44 PM

aww, i love it. it reminds me of the main dining area of canter's. um...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Sky Factory: Trompe L'oeil Skylights
3/8/08 12:59 AM

artwork above the stove and no range hood!! agree with everyone else about the greasiness. totally agree with visualingual and finding the artistic value in useful items.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Artwork in the Kitchen
2/26/08 07:06 AM

straight up or with a twist o' lemon--that's all it needs!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Soda-Club Seltzer Water Soda Maker
2/21/08 08:55 PM

flatbreads like naan, pita and even pizza work well on grills (flat top or barbecue), and along with the aforementioned griddle/drop scones, you can make cornbread in a heavy cast iron pan. my favourite all-around appliance is my rice cooker--you can bake pretty decent cakes and bread in them, or steam chinese-style sponge cakes.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: What Can I Bake Without An Oven?
2/6/08 08:39 PM

i read in another post you were looking for a scissor jack. i don't know if this will work for you, but you might want to look for a laboratory jack (lab jack), meant for science lab equipment. they come in metal or plastic, come in a variety of sizes (the largest is 8"x8", i think), can extend 10"-12", and hold up to 200 lbs. i'm not sure where you can buy one in la, but they're pretty easy to find online.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gregory's Project: The Stereo Cabinet #4 - No Guts, No Glory
1/19/08 02:26 PM

i'm pretty sure you can't install FLOR tiles over carpet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Dealing with The Ugly Brown Carpet in a Rental?
1/18/08 04:48 PM

for smaller projects, i love qoop's mini-books. i've used them to document road trips, concerts, and special events, which i pass out to fellow participants. the smallest books start at just under $4 apiece, which is not bad for souvenir.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Turning Your Photos Into a Book
1/14/08 06:11 PM

"christmas time is here" from the charlie brown christmas soundtrack on the white one!

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Geneva Sound System
11/29/07 06:13 PM

yes please!

Apartment Therapy - AT Countdown.....
11/16/07 01:13 PM

freakishly, some of the best, most fragrant roses i've ever bought were from home depot. i feel like they're only there as last minute items for people who've forgotten anniversaries or need to appease their SO for buying an expensive power tool, but the flowers are direct from the growers and cheapish. i also buy flowers online, from, martha stewart (i think it's affiliated with proflowers), and diamond organics. the flowers come direct from the growers, are healthier and last longer than any that i have bought locally--with proper care, they generally last for 2 weeks in the summer, sometimes 3-4 weeks in the cooler months. proflowers and martha also feature some unusual colour varieties, which can be very dramatic. they are always packed well, arrive overnight, and right to my doorstep.

Apartment Therapy - Fall Cure: Buying your Home Flowers
9/17/07 08:32 PM

a local newspaper did a survey a while back where something like 75% of renters in la also rented storage units. i wonder what the figure is now.

i have a storage unit because some family members living with me temporarily--our furniture was literally piled on top of each other. i completely agree with pdxcarrie and recommend going with the climate controlled, indoor unit. one of the reasons i moved from a place like the one pictured was because one of the nearby units was used by a handyman who kept his supplies in it; during one record heatwave day, something combustible...combusted, causing a fire which damaged all the units surrounding his. eeep!

Apartment Therapy - Self-storage Units:Making Extra Space For Baby
8/30/07 08:21 PM

la times just did a piece about bed bugs in the southland (also, did you know there's a bed bug blog?). oy. i'm suddenly very itchy.

my place is very much a crash pad for friends and family. i have one editor friend who stays for months at a time working on projects, so i'm actually redoing the study as a guest room with him specifically in mind. i've let semi-strangers in the form of touring indie bands stay as well. bands love it because i've got a garage where they can safely stow their van full of equipment, and my living room is carpeted--most of the time they end up sleeping on hardwood floors. i've only ever let bands that i actually sort of know and like stay, they were all great and on their best behaviour. no televisions out the balcony or groupies. and for the price of a shower and a sofa/floor to sleep on, i get on the guest list :)

Apartment Therapy - Houseguests and Couchsurfers
8/16/07 08:52 PM

i used ina's kitchen as one of my inspirations; i took the white cabinets, dark countertops, stainless steel appliances, and brushed nickel hardware from it although i ended up applying them in a decidedly different space. i think your friend could get that clean but cosy hamptons vibe with some white paint and brushed metal hardware on the cabinetry, a neutral paint for the rest of the room, and as mgn said, lots of white dishes.

How Easy Was That? Recreating Barefoot's Kitchen
8/13/07 02:54 PM

the fitzgerald armchair upholstered in light blue chino or velvet at williams-sonoma home might work with that sofa, although you lose the cool chrome element. brown jordan makes a line of outdoor furniture, Vu, in stainless steel and customizable upholstery....the lines aren't quite the same but it gives off a similarly sexy vibe.

west elm's parsons cube side table is a good match for the side table from the inspiration room...i think. i can't quite tell from my monitor if that really is a cube.

Inspiration: The Avalon Hotel
8/10/07 07:03 PM

i'm fortunate to live on a beach in a tropical island, so i just need to step out into my backyard to relax. however, i actually go to la to shake the inevitable "island fever" that sets in; when i need to escape from all the big city-ness and heat, i go to fern dell in griffith park--it's easy to get to, shady, and peaceful. a nice bit of tamed nature, without looking like it was beat into submission. also, there's the trails cafe! maybe not the best pie and coffee in los angeles, but definitely one the best surroundings to get them.

August is Escapes Month!
8/7/07 10:11 PM

again, not quite the same, but target has a similar red table online. the good thing is that it's available, with free shipping. the bad thing is that the chairs are unavailable if you need them. (it also comes in a cream colour)

Good Questions: Outdoor Folding Bistro Tables
6/4/07 06:59 PM