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Please keep in mind that using mosaic tiles are very difficult to keep clean because of the amount of grout. The sealer will eventually wear thin and the grout will look like sh*t. I know, because I have a mosaic backsplash AND counter top and I am an OCD cleaning freak. I honestly don't know what would posses any sane person to use mosaic tiles in a kitchen. It's as bad as not having your sink sunk below counter level.

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5/20/08 03:37 AM

i'm pretty sure the floor is OSB that has been treated with stain of some sort. The house is beautiful but the use of OSB confuses me. I hope it's s trend that dies quickly.

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5/17/08 11:08 PM

i'm in loooooove

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5/14/08 10:46 AM light in the dinning area is from bolagret.

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4/23/08 11:59 PM

HI! I'm the owner of the flat. Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments!
I did notice a typo/mistake with the size. It should be 77m2.

Jut wanted to answer some of the questions:
Yokie-sorry, I am no where near Stockholm but I have seen ads for a store called 'One' which looks really funky. Other than that I am no help :(

Lisa_oak-The walls that make up the two hallways are supporting walls, so unfortunately they must stay.

absolutmarie-we took the albums out and just hung the sleeves with a thumb tack.

Gustaf- Personally I don't care for the shape of the Fritz Hansen chairs and I don't buy furniture based on the designer unless I really love the piece (and can afford it!)

lolax-the couch was our first purchase after relocating. It was cheap (IKEA) and I can't wait to replace it with something more modern, and preferably modular since I am a compulsive furniture re-arranger. But we just got a puppy so we're waiting until he's trained to buy a new sofa.

Apartment Therapy New York | International #10: Marcus Mel's Charming Flat
4/23/08 11:49 PM

I have a wall decal from wall concept (pin up girl) love it. Fuck the trends. Buy what you love and youäll always be in style.

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12/20/07 08:47 AM


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12/1/07 04:02 AM

Sorry, but based on the web site I wouldn't think twice about hiring you [jen]. You need better before and after pictures and your "about" link doesn't work. The site looks "home-made", not professional.

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11/29/07 10:05 AM

I live in Sweden and this is Glögg party season! The way we drink it is to warm it on the stove then throw in some raisins and peeled almonds (chopped up). Yummy! But you can't drink too much because it's sweet it will give you a stomach ache.

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11/27/07 10:29 AM

We have this same problem (not the cat part). We made our own removable screens using 1x1's and mosquito netting. You just wrap the netting around the wood frame and use a staple gun to hold it in place. We only have them up in the summer.

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11/27/07 05:46 AM

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! I love the idea of something hanging from the space and also just putting up a dramatic wallpaper on the wall only, but unfortunately the wall runs in to the kitchen and the living room along the top.

But I'll go with the majority and leave it how it is, sans pictures!

and p.s. doppie: The colors don't come through well as I'm not good with photography :(
I used Alcro "anis" and "silver pil". The slanted wall is the only white wall in the room.

Thanks you so much for all the compliments! Once we finish all the rooms I'll send in pics for a house tour!

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11/26/07 11:06 PM

Thanks for the replies!
Casey- We moved in 3 months ago and have already painted. The coves are a dark gray and the walls in the living room are a pale gray (silverish) We feel this gives the coves a "cozy" feel. We like the lines of the flat and don't want to make any major changes in that sense.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Should I Do With This Slanted Wall?
11/26/07 10:55 AM