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There's also the option--if you feel up to it--of decorating the outside of your mismatched plastic and jars by way of decorative tape, paint, mod podge, etc. It might seem like overkill for a reused chinese food container but heck, if you have a sunday free...You might even be able to find retro product labels to stick on.

Recycled Jars or Pretty New Purchases: Would You Make the Switch?
3/27/14 10:49 AM

Tarah---the break is in having the juice instead of a full meal, particularly one with grains and meat. Also the fiber in veggies is difficult to digest--in a good way since it cleans out the colon. But bottom line is you're getting a hyper dose of vitamins in the most easy to digest form. Nothing needs to be broken down so your body gets a little breather.

On Drinking a Pile of Vegetables for Dinner
1/25/12 09:30 AM

Astronauta--I have another idea too: an over the door shoe storage (cloth or metal) that hangs on the door. If you use the cloth kind the shoes are mostly hidden and it won't look too bad. OR if you like you could hang a nice patterned fabric over top to hide the whole thing.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Clearing The Path Week 3 - Intro
10/27/09 11:54 AM

BEDBUGS! My cure has a special twist: I just found bedbugs. So over the next week I have to remove everything from every shelf, closet and drawer and close it in plastic. then have the exterminator come. Then wait 3 weeks for a second treatment before returning all belongings to their rightful places. The bright side is that I'll really get to clean and organize and probably throw out a lot of stuff. The bad news is I'll be a few weeks behind the rest of you. But I'll keep plugging along. Wish me luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Clearing The Path Week 3 - Intro
10/27/09 11:49 AM

shirley temple of doom: you protest too much. It just reveals your fear of being judged so you attack pre-emptively.

Who says that not having a TV is status snobbery? You do, apparently. No one else mentioned it. why are you so sensitive? Maybe some people can't afford the high flat-screen prices and monthly cable bill, making TV-less-ness an anti-status symbol. Or maybe they watch TV on their computers (lots of stuff is available online now). Or maybe they just don't value TV. Accusing others of not trusting "our own" values shows that you don't trust yours. is it too threatening to imagine someone doesn't value TV as much as you do?

retract your claws. it's embarrassing.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Hide Your TV Monitor with Style
3/29/09 05:33 PM

I know this is a very old post but for my 2 cents--I'm a conservation biologist with some knowledge of forestry trends and pretty much you have to assume that wood is NOT sustainably forested unless you confirm otherwise. Keep in mind that even if it's not "old growth", or an endangered species, the fastest-growing trees still take at least 20 years to grow to harvest, and plantations displace natural forest and ecosystems. Bamboo--a grass--is closer to a truly renewable resource because it grows incredibly fast. Tree heights are achieved in 6 months in some cases.

HOWEVER lots of designers *are* switching to sustainable wood so there's a decent chance these might be.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Asia: Goto × Sugimoto Wood Washbowls
4/23/08 09:59 AM

I know it sounds ridiculous BUT when you think about it, it's greener than using wetwipes and there's plenty of folks who need a little extra-sensitive help down in the kaboose. I used to use wetwipes and switched to witchhazel tonic to use with toilet paper to cut down on paper consumption.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? : Aaah! Toilet Paper Foam
3/29/08 06:52 PM

I have been on an endless quixotic search for a vacuum that actually works! pleeeeeease help me end the quest

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum
3/7/08 05:07 AM

I agree it looks nicer going over the front but those with cats and kids know: if you don't want 500 meters of toilet paper wrapped around the furniture, keep it tucked behind.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: Which Way Should Toilet Paper Roll?
3/5/08 11:45 AM

Just echo-ing the recommendation for Elfa (or knockoff) ideas. I had two tiny closets and it reaaaaallly helped. Cost $550 for both and because of how Elfa is made I could dismantle and take the system to my new apartment where I've installed it again in my new closets. So it's expensive but not so bad and you can re-use

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Organizer for Single Door Closet?
2/21/08 06:46 AM

where can i get the rolling ladder and bar? I'd love to have that to reach higher shelves

Apartment Therapy New York | How to Store Fruits and VegetablesFrom The Kitchn: Our sister site that promotes cooking eating at home
2/15/08 10:15 AM

hi all, sorry I haven't been here in a week or so.
the moddi link is:

AND among the things I found problematic was getting a hold of this part. I ordered it directly from Stanley, eventually:

Apartment Therapy New York | Moddi Murphy Bed Kit
2/7/08 11:12 AM

I am 90% done constructing the Moddi bed and my only obstacle is finding enough studs in the wall to actually hang it. It is a fairly easy project, very sturdy and looks great but there are a couple of mistakes in the instructions and you need time to get the materials ordered and gathered. So make sure you read the instructions carefully before you start. Things I came up against included:
--wrong drillbit size given for one part of the bed. We had to redrill the holes with a larger bit. But not a huge deal.
--wrong layout for the holes to place the Lack tables. the layout was transposed and needed to be flipped. That could have been a big problem
--inconsistent parts numbers on the parts list. I ordered the larger number for each item and that turned out to be correct.
--Home depot will NOT cut the wood to dimensions less than 12" so I ended up having to go to a private lumber yard.
--For city dwellers, remember you'll have to factor in the cost of deliveries and/or vehicle rentals to get the supplies and wood to your place.

BUT all that said, it was surprisingly easy and satisfying. It looks just as good as the pictures. Do note that from a side view you can see the internal frame that holds the mattress but it doesn't look bad. Could be covered, I suppose.


I did it in a weekend with the help of my brother.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Modern Murphy Beds?
2/4/08 10:20 AM

Hi all--This is Rebecca. You need to have at least 4 studs to attach the (full size) bed to. I have fully assembled my bed (did it over a weekend) but haven't actually hung it on the wall yet because I can only reliably find 3 in my plaster/lathe wall. A contractor friend says I can get sufficiently large/strong toggle bolts to handle the rest of the load. So I plan to try that this weekend. I'll let you know how it works out! And as for why not an air bed--well this is my one and only bed. Air mattresses are NOT comfortable in the long term. I've been on the couch for a few months and this was the best solution for my studio.

BY the way please be advised that there are a couple of typos and mistakes in the Moddi plans so read them carefully before you start. It's just a regular person who made them up so I suppose that's to be expected. And--you really DO need a box of colored pencils :-) I had to run out to buy them at the last minute

Apartment Therapy New York | Moddi Murphy Bed Kit
1/30/08 06:24 PM

I need to figure out my kitchen--it's laid out all wrong and if I rearrange it I'll need to find new places for my stuff. I also could use some serious closet help!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Spruce Organizational Consultation
1/17/08 10:45 AM

me too---I'd love to know where you got the front pillow on the couch!

Apartment Therapy New York | Blogging Bluelines: How to Make an Ottoman and More Jumpstart Tips
1/16/08 12:08 PM

I love your reading chair! Where did you get it?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Tom's Sequel to his Prequel
1/16/08 09:54 AM

my friend's secret homeade recipe for yogi tea--a spicy, steamy brew that'll cure what ails ya!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win Tea Books and a Chantal Kettle and Teapot
12/22/07 04:08 PM

The Mission--dramatic soundtrack...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Gift Bag 2007: Compact Shelf System from Insignia
12/19/07 07:37 AM

so swank--and fun! I'd make my famous chickpea garlic soup!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Set in Caribbean
12/18/07 03:26 PM