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This is a totally random and stupid question, but what are the thingies hanging in window in the first picture? That's exactly what I'd like to use for wedding decor, but I have no idea what to search for. Anybody have a clue?

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8/4/11 09:50 PM

Gorgeous! I'd love to know your paint color.

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 07:29 PM

Oops...I just commented, but I should have included Crate & Barrel's Crossroads Wall Art. It's not very close to the raindrop sculpture you like, but I think it could look really nice.

What Should I Hang Above the TV?
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12/8/10 08:55 AM

The Kira Wall Panel from World Market is definitely worth checking into.

What Should I Hang Above the TV?
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12/8/10 08:52 AM

Such personality! I love everything about it! Also, I've been searching for the perfect gray for my bedroom, and I think you found it and put it on the wall that the sunburst mirror's hanging from. ;) What paint color is that??

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8/10/10 09:56 AM

I don't think it's terrible at all! It adds a lot of charm and character to the room, and I think it'll be just fine once you paint over that bubblegum pink. :)

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6/4/10 06:14 PM