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it looks beyond disgusting as is, but i second patrick: painting it will screw up the light. it will make the shade opaque. if you can't get it clean with a good scrubbing with hydrogen peroxide, followed by a good baking in the sun, then you have to get rid of it. it's too ugly to put up with as is just for the sake of having a bubble lamp.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How Do I Clean a George Nelson Bubble Lamp?Los Angeles
10/26/08 04:48 PM

benches are uncomfortable if you're a slouch. they ARE good for kids because they help form good posture.

i love that carpet. where is it from? nudik, it's called a vacuum.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Dining Table and Benches
10/9/08 05:45 PM

my sister-in-law and i drove from vancouver to bellingham the other day to possibly buy a crib and crib set. this was a huge target store but all they had was dwell onesies and washcloths. what a waste of a day. thanks for nothing target!

alexpdl, dwell studio has been around for years and has nothing to do with dwell the magazine. it's not imitating or claiming to have anything to do with the magazine.

ps. the loeffler randall target line is cheap looking and vinyl. again, thanks for nothing target!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Dwell Studio for Target: Baby Collection
2/16/08 08:28 PM

that looks a lot more like maple than sycamore, doesn't it?

Apartment Therapy New York | Woodland Collection by Marlborough Tiles
12/20/07 09:22 AM

the floors in the lutwidge museum of modern art in coln, germany have these floors. theirs look better though, and i am in love with them.

our street was actually done in wood block like this back in the day. instead of cobblestones showing through the pavement where there are potholes, we have wood blocks.

Apartment Therapy - TileVault: Wood Tiles at Savoy
11/26/07 10:46 AM

what a bunch of pompous, self-important blow hards. god that was awful to watch. art, you really thought that the name of the salad was the only snobby, pretentious part of their soirée? i can't believe i just watched 22 minutes of unintelligent, uninteresting, forced pontification and i didn't get a single thing out of it except a great sense of relief that i wasn't one of the guests. "whoa is me! i am a painter and artist, but i earn my living branding body lotion and iced tea beverages. you have no idea the deep inner struggle the past 3 years of my life have been, knowing every day, deep down inside that i am nothing but a fraud... oh, and i'm talented too -- really really talented." natasha, do yourself a favour and just don't talk.

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10/21/07 01:54 PM

we tried the vinegar and baking soda a couple more times, followed by 4 kettles full of boiling water down the drain. it still didn't work and i gave up and got ready to make a trip to the hardware store. then my boyfriend grabbed an empty plastic bottle and filled it with hot water and squirted it down the drain, then used the bottle to plunger-suck everything back up. after doing this for a couple minutes all this black junk came back up into the sink and the drain was cleared! it was really gross.

that got me to thinking about an infomercial i saw about an air compressor that shoots air down the drain to clear it. has anyone used one of those? after this experience i'd think it would work like a charm!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Green Draino?
10/10/07 09:11 AM

wow, that ugly kitty address file looks SO much like the one that lovely design's been doing for years. looks nice though, i guess.

Apartment Therapy - Etsy Scavenger: Color
10/9/07 09:28 AM

i'm pretty sure they're iron, because i have one in white and it turns water into a rusty sludge if i leave a little in mine overnight.

mine doesn't smell badly, but it's so rusty i'm scared i'll get heavy metal poisoning! can i?

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: How Do I Clean My Vintage Kettle?
9/19/07 03:00 PM

i am so glad that my boyfriend wasn't home when i pressed play on that video. if he had been, and he'd heard that tantrum, he would never want kids! my volume was on max. it hurt my ears.

Apartment Therapy - Sadness, Tantrums and an Insignia 37" LCD HDTV
9/18/07 10:04 AM

i will admit that that jam does look delicious, but as an apricot jam addict, i still don't think i would cough up $20 plus shipping on a jar. what i would do, is try to source out my own blenheim tree!

Apartment Therapy - The Jam Report: We Love Jam's Apricot Jam
9/18/07 10:00 AM

something must be lost in e-translation. judging from the photo, i'd say it looks dirty and shabby...

Apartment Therapy - ColorTherapy: Stone Grotto Finish
9/11/07 10:21 AM

but killifish aren't dumb for jumping ship, they're dumb for getting stuck in filters and heaters and behind rocks and anything they can swim into and get stuck in. they're not so smart...

takashi amano is my hero... sigh...

and yes, bigger tanks are less work. unless you have discus which are always lots of work no matter what!

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 03:23 PM

and just to keep typing and not working, killifish would only really need a heater if the water will get super cold. if you have them near a window in the middle of a chicago winter they might not be so happy. if you live in LA, unless your air condition to meat locker temperatures like my mother does, your killis would be happy. just remember that they jump and they're really dumb.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 02:24 PM

i guess you would either start with the fish you want, or the container you want.

with a vase like that you could possibly get away with 1 smaller goldfish (1/4 - 1/3 the size) and weekly 50% water changes. you'd want to test the nitrogen and pH levels fairly often to make sure nothing's getting out of hand so you can make any necessary adjustments to keep the fish happy and healthy. then as the fish gets too large for the container you should be able to bring him into your local pet shop and trade him in for another smaller guy. then your too big fish will hopefully go home with someone who has a bigger aquarium instead of getting cramped and sick. that would be more style-based fish keeping than getting attached to your little friend fish keeping. if you want fish the size that are in that picture above, you'd want to get an aquarium.

or, you could have a betta in a container that size, but then you have to realize they're native to south-east asia where they live in puddles and ditches and so they like the water to be warm. without some sort of heater your fish will probably stop eating in the winter and die a slow and horrible death, and that's sad. in a bigger container you could have another labyrinth fish called a paradise fish and they're super pretty and don't need much aeration. but they're from the tropics too and would need a heater.

or you could have a small pair of killifish in that container if you could figure out a way to add a heater come winter time. you wouldn't want to fill the container so high because killifish are jumpers, and besides the extra surface area will help with aeration. they're really pretty though, and would be a good option for people who think it's sad to only keep 1 fish all alone.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 02:14 PM

nora, that makes sense. and yeah, some fish are WAY more trouble than they're worth. and i'm really, really glad that you know fish don't nurse their young. that would be concerning!!

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 01:44 PM

keisha is right on all counts. and anh-minh, as someone who has kept fish for 25 years, including goldfish, i can assure you that there's no way that vase is big enough no matter how stylish it might be. i'm not trying to be mean about it, because lots of people make the same mistake, but it is a mistake, and it is cruel.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 01:31 PM

nora, goldfish don't typically breath air from the surface, but siamese fighting fish (properly known as bettas) and other labyrinth fish do. that said, the surface area does have a lot to do with how much O2 will be available in the water, which is important for fish like goldfish. given the size of that container, and that fact that there's no aeration, i'd wager a bet that the goldfish would be doing some seriously laboured surface gasping. and um... do you know what a mammal is? they deliver live offspring which they nurse, and they are warm blooded. so a surface breathing fish does not a mammal make. good grief!

the bottom line is i wouldn't even put 1 goldfish, let alone 2 in a container that size. they'd die of nitrogen poisoning in no time. see fish floating upside down that might not be dead yet but is certainly on a fast track to the 1 flush graveyard.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Vase/Fishbowl
8/27/07 01:23 PM

i have that kettle in white (got mine on ebay for around $25 shipping included, too) and i love it. the problem with mine is that you can't leave a drop of water sitting in it when not in use, or it rusts horribly. maybe ask the seller if there's any rust or pitting inside before putting a bid in? my seller said it was in very good condition, and cosmetically it is i guess. oh well, i still love it rusty water and all.

eBay Scavenger: Red Vintage Teakettle
8/14/07 08:51 AM

oh, and thanks to both of you regarding the chair.

"Known as DELTA also, this chair is a simplification of the Mart Stam and Breuer cantilever arm chairs of 1929."


Flickr Finds: La Paracaidista's Found Desk
8/9/07 04:56 PM