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The Alameds theatre is lovely in person... it's art deco to the extreme. Though I am not sure it was San Franciscans which restored it!

Take a Peek Into the Golden Age of Cinema Design News
2/24/14 11:50 PM

So happy to say that I did not have a wince when I read this article... now kids toys is another story!

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/7/14 03:26 PM

The Alameda house is absolutely darling, and really it's not all that different from homes located throughout the island on smaller lots of land really close to the street. It is indeed narrow and a "spite house" but I don't find it all that appalling. I'd also love to see the inside of some of these.

Spite Houses: Where Would You Build One, And Why?
1/2/14 02:14 PM

What's the color of the paint on the wall? it's the perfect retro shade!

The Workspace of Victoria Vu:
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11/20/13 01:30 AM

I use a Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard at work. It totally helped my carpal tunnel issues. I tried the goldtouch, but couldn't get it adjusted just right and it seemed to just move around a lot.

No More Aching Wrists: Shopping for an Ergonomic Keyboard
1/27/12 01:43 AM

I would keep it as a second room for resale value, but that's just me speaking practically. I would wall off the existing door, and add french doors along the hallway/walkway. It would make the hallway less dungeon-like, and would let you add a guestroom, office, storage (sheer panels on the doors), etc without decreasing value.

What To Do With Awkward Den Space?
Good Question

1/27/11 01:07 AM