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I would definitely love to hear about how you painted the crib. We have the same crib in white & I wanted to pain it, but chickened out. I wasn't sure how to do it so that it would be safe and look nice.

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6/30/11 10:59 PM


Here's the glider:

They carry it at other stores, but this one offered free shipping.

That's so funny about the name! I was the opposite and was convinced this baby was a girl. I hadn't even considered boy names! My husband is the one who first fell in love with the name Lincoln, and then I started to really love it too. Now we've been calling him by his name since January, so I can't imagine it any other way.

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4/27/10 01:27 PM

The Scrabble letter is from http://www.greatbigstuff.com/home.html

Unfortunately, the first glider they sent me was damaged from shipping. The new one should be arriving any day. I love the feel & comfort of the chair, it's just leaning to one side because the glider parts on the bottom were damaged. When I contacted their customer service, they were beyond helpful & apologetic, so I'm hopeful that this will be a great chair.

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4/27/10 09:54 AM


I like the breathable bumper from a safety standpoint. My little one isn't here yet, so I can't speak to its function. After doing a lot of research on SIDS, we decided this was the best way for us to go. It looks great on the crib, and we're hoping it does the trick to keep our little guy from getting stuck. I've spoken to several moms who have used one and they all raved about them!

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4/26/10 03:51 PM

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments!

About the boy/girl thing, I just like girly nurseries, so I probably would've done something in a different direction if we were having a girl. However, I think his room turned out fairly gender neutral in the end, and the ideas can definitely be used for a little girl!

The "R" came from Pottery Barn Teen, and it was on clearance.

Many of the letters were $2 or even less at craft stores, which left me room to spend a little more on some of them to make the wall more interesting. (The R, M, U, F, W)

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4/26/10 03:49 PM