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This is AWESOME! AphroChic and AT - a perfect combo!!!!!

Introducing the Apartment Therapy + Remix House Tour Series: Welcome to Jeanine and Bryan of Aphrochic
7/23/14 03:14 PM

i'm coming over to hang out with all the cute doggies!!!

Graylin's Craftsman Influenced Bungalow House Call
7/18/14 01:53 PM

what a cool room! well done.

An Unexpectedly Chic Super Mario Bros Tween Room My Room
7/16/14 12:54 PM

so guilty of this! i painted a long hallway fire engine red in my current place. in a previous apt, i painted the living room dark purple, and i ended up losing my entire security deposit because it took the painter's so many coats to cover it up. whoopsy!

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 02:57 PM

if this is crazy, i don't want to be sane!

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/11/14 06:40 PM

i'd LOVE a pedestal sink! Our rental has an old, rotten piece and although there is some storage in there, i'd rather have the open floor space and stash my cleaning supplies elsewhere. Although, i'm sure it would be the opposite if i had the pedestal! :)

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 03:02 PM

that lil Smeg is damn cute.

Just In: West Elm's New Fall Collection (including a Mini Smeg Fridge!) Design News
7/9/14 02:05 PM

Love the Granada Tile in the Biscuit kitchen by Shubin + Donaldson!!!!

Kitchen Inspiration: 10 Tile Backsplashes That Totally Steal the Show
7/2/14 03:41 PM

So I ordered this a few weeks ago after seeing it on AT. Did anyone else order? receive? it's been a few weeks, and I haven't heard a peep from the seller.

Gemz by Amber Ibarreche On the Wall
7/2/14 02:27 PM

looks like a tasty spot!

Before and After at The Albright: From Old To New
7/1/14 05:54 PM

love this look!

Get The Look: Urban Chic American Style
6/19/14 01:55 PM

that was awesome! happy anni AT!!!

Dream a Little Dream: Our Tenth Anniversary Film
6/2/14 10:29 PM

we also recently upgraded to a king size and couldn't be happier -- definitely a game-changer for a relationship. Our rented one bedroom doesn't have a lot of space, so we had to swap out a traditional door for a bi-fold door to have a wall large enough for the bed and two night stands. We spent less than $1500, but only because that was our top budget, and we didn't have any interest in memory foam -- once we tried a few out, it felt a bit too much like quicksand for me.

My three tips are:
set a budget
have an idea about what you want in advance (foam, etc)
test, test, test those mattresses in-store!

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/20/14 04:09 PM

You can get a Color Plus table lamp from in more than 100 colors for 99.99 and free shipping!

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Lamps Under $100
5/16/14 01:27 PM

I only spent $250 on something more exciting than these on just sayin'!

Budget Lighting: 8 Chandeliers Under $500
5/13/14 01:29 PM

love this cozy home!

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/28/14 06:04 PM

i've had the herringbone jute from West Elm for about 6 months now, and it is holding up well to traffic, two dogs, and vacuuming - so far, so good!

10 Neutral (But Not Boring) Rugs
4/25/14 01:14 PM

i have the first area rug pictured from West Elm. It is holding up well to traffic, pets and vacuuming, so I have to say i'm very please so far. It feels nice underfoot too!

10 Neutral (But Not Boring) Rugs
4/24/14 06:18 PM

that's a great transformation. there's something i love about the before photo... kind of like a captain's bathroom on a ship or something. if i was renting there, i'd have gone with a nautical theme and really had a good laugh.

Before & After: Renovating Tips from a Tiny Half Bath
4/11/14 04:57 PM

just what my society6-addicted self needed!

Society6 Launches Artist-Designed Rugs Design News
4/11/14 04:55 PM