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Love the side tables in the living room and bedroom. Where did you find those? Well done! Bedroom rug is fantastic.

Katie's Hillside Bungalow
4/19/11 11:05 PM

I guess I'm going against the grain here, but if it were me, I would do a crisp, white, somewhat sheer drape on each of the 3 windows (either remove the existing blinds or just go in front of them if you can't take them down). If you can hang the new window treatments from closer to the ceiling, that would be great too (as Butterfly suggested). With a light drape, I don't see why you can't just open it up when you want to use the balcony door and also see the nice stained glass. This also gives you more of a symmetrical look, which--personally--I tend to prefer. Also, I think the small space between the 3 only adds visual interest (certainly not a detriment in my opinion).

Curtains for Unusual Window Configuration? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/27/10 01:50 PM

Oh also, as rex mentioned above, misting with water makes the ironing process much easier. I just fold my sheets length-wise in quarters, spray lightly with water, then send them through the mangle twice (once on each side). Instant success!

Chore Shortcut: 5 Tricks to Help You Avoid Ironing | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/26/10 04:24 PM

Here's the trick: a mangle iron (AKA rotary iron). They are incredible!! Miele sells the professional (very expensive) version for about $2,000; however, you can usually find a vintage one on eBay (maybe Craigslist, too) for around $100 to $150. Even the ones that are 40 years old work incredibly well. Ironing your sheets to crisp perfection will never seem so easy.

Chore Shortcut: 5 Tricks to Help You Avoid Ironing | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/26/10 04:21 PM

Thanks, Sherry. Both those suggestions would definitely work. Had I known the lengths varied so considerably, I would have approached the whole project differently. Once I had already hemmed half the bunch, I decided to scrap the whole thing (removing the stitches would have made noticeable holes in the fabric). I returned what I could to Ikea and started anew. I ended up using Full size flat bed sheets, which I hung with alligator clips from airplane cable. It turned out way better than the Ikea drapes would have (lighter, crisper, and a better color). Go figure!

Simple Sensible Tips for Sewing Curtains | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/17/10 08:40 PM

Never posted here before, but this topic is so timely! I just had a hemming disaster with Ikea's Lenda drapes. The ones I purchased claimed they are 98" long and 55" wide. I wanted to drape two walls with 250% fullness so I purchased 8 sets (16 panels). I measured one right out of the package to ensure its length matched what was advertised--indeed it was 98" from top of the loop to the bottom of the panel. Great!

So I proceed to take 5" off each of the panels, as I want to end up with 93" panels. I carefully measure, pin, press, and sew over 400" worth of material. I get halfway through and realize something looks a little I start to measure from top of loop to bottom of hem: 98", 95", 93.5", 96", 95.5", 97"...WHAT?!? Turns out the drapes (right out of the package) vary in length anywhere from 98" to 103" (most are in the 100 to 101" range). The first one I measured that turned out to be 98" was a complete fluke.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Ikea has absolutely no quality control when it comes to manufacturing their drapes. I know the price is attractive, but if you must purchase them, measure from the TOP of EACH panel before hemming. Save yourself the time, energy, and frustration!

Their return policy is a nightmare, so don't expect much.

Simple Sensible Tips for Sewing Curtains | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/17/10 07:20 PM