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Toastsixoh--I have a 10 foot pole--though I'm not completely sure what your point is. It is not how many kids we have that is destroying our environment its the waste we produce. 1 child in the United States produces as much waste as 9 in a developing country. And I do not see the immigrants here who build our homes, take care of our children, prune our gardens, fix our cars and clean up our crap (literally) as particularly wasteful consumers. When you go drop off a load at the goodwill, who do you think is then buying it? Living in Los Angeles, immigrants are the only people using public transportation so they are not wasteful there. And honestly, most of these people cannot afford to bring there large families over here--they work here to send money back home. Are you a Native American? Because if not, you came from immigrants too so lay off.
Also, it's interesting how incensed so many of you are--even to the point of being angered by people who have 3 children instead of 2, but how many of you are big meat eaters or buy new clothes, (textiles is one of the most wasteful industries) or new furniture? I come from a big family and I agree with whoever said they are more fun because they are. I've always wanted to have a large family but am considering adoption because of this very issue.
As for the show, I think if you are a fan of AT you would enjoy the show. I would never watch a show that was just about someone with a lot of kids, but I do think this show seems to focus more on their design process. They do so much it's actually pretty inspiring since I have no kids and can't seem to get anything done. And I think they are religious so now we know why they have so many kids.

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