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This has been discussed often, and several years ago I came down firmly on the side of open cabinets. Was passionate about them for several reasons - accessibility being one. I have extensive collections of white ironstone and Dorothy Thorpe glassware and loved having them out and in use. Told everyone in the AT community that I'd never had issues with dust, grease, grime - because I'm an exceptional housekeeper, take great pride in my kitchen, etc.
Update. Big dose of reality. I just two days ago moved out of that apartment where I had such lovely, open shelves. The dirt - the grease - everywhere. Turns out we use a select few dishes - my husband and I don't really utilize the majority of the stoneware or glasses we have because we haven't thrown a dinner party since we sold the dining room table two years ago in anticipation of the move. The rest just sit there and take on dirt. And you don't see it - you really don't - not until the packers start moving things around and you see the bright white spot that was UNDERNEATH your tureens, your mitten plates, your egg cups, your double old fashioned glasses. In the new place everything will be behind clear panes of glass - illuminated from above. And clean.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
5/27/14 09:00 PM

To "Textiles" - this is way off topic, but five years ago I was walking in the West Village with a client and passed a tattered leather-bound photo album sitting on top of a trash can. About 20 paces on I told my client I had to go back and get it. I wasn't eager to look like a trashmonger - but I was too curious. It turned out to be photos - and like you I was extremely saddened that someone had died and left these photos behind with no one to claim them - or care. I removed the photos from the album- which I tossed- and waited until I knew what to do with them. Now, they're displayed in a couch-length collage in my living room. I identified the one woman that all photos seemed to have in common and worked to group families, track children's growth, document vacations - it's amazing and friends end up staring at it forever.
*Back on topic - thanks for the Overstock.com recommendation, everyone. I just got screwed by nuLOOM and am in the market for a dining room rug. Wish me luck!

(Bargain) Lovers Special: Budget Sources for Rugs, Furniture, Bedding & More Weekend Bargain Shoppers Guide
8/20/12 10:30 PM

My husband and I have decided to eat our kale instead of including it in our juice - the first attempt at a quick stir-fry with garlic made our faces hurt and gave me a little bit of a headache. I went online and found an article from the LA Times and what I learned was a revelation - beat your kale to death and you have something far more palatable. Seriously, knead it, bash it and squish it in your hands. Other cooking sites say you should "massage" it - but either way show it no mercy. Kale can take it - and the end result is a darker, silkier leaf that holds up to whatever salad preparation you go with. I made a salad last night with thin slices of granny smith apple and a light vinegar/oil dressing - it was delicious served up with chick peas, tomato slices and brown rice. What's so great about kale is you can dress it early and let it sit while you finish prep on your meal. Oh - and skip the ribs. I cut them off before working my kale over and save them for juice - my face doesn't need that much of a workout.

The Incredible, Edible Green: 15 Recipes with Hearty, Healthy Kale Recipe Roundup
8/20/12 12:29 PM

I dated - and then married - a man with an apartment so abysmal that I actually thought the only answer was for both of us to create a home together elsewhere. I didn't say anything at first - just waited to see where the relationship was going and focused on who he was, but once we were committed it was ON. After looking around, walking through and pricing other apartments that offered much less space for way more money I got over myself and set about the task of redecorating. It's taken about 2.5 years of obsessive scanning of ApartmentTherapy, DesignSponge, Houzz - and One King's Lane sales, eBay auctions and Craig's List finds - but we're finally at a place where there's little else to buy and some editing to be done. He's objected to very little (said "no" to Ghost chairs and that's about it -my answer was a clear Kartell lamp) and we're both really pleased with an apartment that's neither masculine nor feminine, kind of mid-century with a traditional twist and - overall - nice to entertain in and come home to.

Would You Date Someone if You Really Dislike Their Style?
7/23/12 01:55 PM

I did - and it's fabulous. No problems with grease or grime - it's not close to the stove. Opens the room up tremendously - looks fab when you place a plant in front of it - or lean a smaller gallery-framed piece against it. Amplifies the light, makes a party feel like a party - I can't say enough. I'd already run a long mirror in front of the sink to act as a backsplash and had two installed in the dining room. The mirror in the kitchen stops 2 inches shy of the ceiling and was probably the best thing I could have added to an all-white kitchen in a small NYC apartment.

Would You Hang an Oversized Mirror in Your Kitchen?
1/14/12 10:29 PM

I've killed the overhead light - which was an ugly, outdated beast - and have created a warm, "lit from below" feel with lamps. It's perfect - creates a cozy kitchen with lighting just where you want it - and when. I've got one over by the stove, one on the counter that's tucked away (both with generic brushed silver bases) and a large Kartell Bourgie on the kitchen island. It has a dimmer - so there's lots of control. I've always found overhead lighting - in any room- harsh and unflattering. Lamps are a quick fix when you can't afford to do something costly - and permanent - to a place you don't own.

What Light Sources Do You Have In Your Kitchen?
1/7/12 10:27 AM

No. BUT - I will try this just to mess with my husband's head. Ask him to crack a few "eggs" in a bowl for me while I'm making Sunday breakfast. He'll freak. I cracked a bad egg once in my life - ended up with a bowl full of blood. I'm still traumatized and a little anxious every time I reach for an egg. Imagine the horror of discovering something dark brown and springy in the egg shell! I'd be like, "Oh my Lord - what is that? WHAT IS THAT?!" Would this be spousal abuse? Maybe a good Halloween trick?

Look! Brownies Baked in Egg Shells
11/16/11 12:55 PM

So many fantastic scents out there -it's hard to pull the trigger... I've settled on sumptious for the bedroom (Annabelle Shelley Kyle), warm/exotic for the living room (Volupsa Arcadia), plain tapers for the dining room table and unscented tealights for the dining room book shelves (I've been known to trim and stuff tapers into the necks of the wine bottles we've "killed" during a party) and herbaceous for the bathroom (Seda France Foret Royal). Lately my signature scent in the kitchen is bacon- but usually I like a clean citrus if I'm not entertaining. Bedroom and dining room are adjacent - so I usually pick one candle to burn at a time. One King's Lane and eBay are my candle sources - if I can't get what I want at an amazing discount - I'm not getting it.

Choosing Candles for Your Home
11/10/11 12:55 PM

This happened to me and my husband about two weeks ago. We try to keep things neat, but after a late-night call from two friends who were having drinks in our neighborhood and were now a couple of blocks away I looked around and wasn't pleased that things weren't perfect. All I could do was quick-clean the bathroom and great them warmly as my husband opened a bottle of red. When they were gone I looked around at the paperwork on the dining room table and the stuff being sold on Craig's List that was collected in a granny cart by the bar and just accepted what had happened. I love my friends - I thought it was a treat that they wanted to see us and don't think they judged us at all.

5 Tips to Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Is
11/2/11 01:47 PM

I have cooking demos in my small East Village NY apartment two or three times a week to encourage people to entertain despite their perceived limitations - which are usually lack of cooking ability, nerve and space. I say embrace the quirkiness of your situation and never apologize for mismatched dishes, chairs, a failed dish or a tiny apartment. Space at my dining table is so tight that if one person has to go to the bathroom it's a community effort to get them there, but it's always been difficult to get "students" to leave at the end of the meal. I've learned to just serve more wine and cocktails and to appreciate that strangers are laughing and lingering in my cozy NYC dining room.

Small Space Solutions: Hosting a Dinner Party in a Studio
11/2/11 12:52 PM

I bought this exact bottle of grapeseed oil only because I had money left on a Bloomingdale's gift card and wanted to kill it then and there. Have never used it, but it looks sexy with the other bottles of oil. I'll heed lenzai and Shelf8's advice and use it for salad dressing - we'll see what we've got!

Product Spotlight: Grapeseed Oil
10/26/11 02:50 PM

This is hilarious. I just received a white ironstone tureen in the email today. A purchase from eBay - I thought my husband's head was going to explode. Now I have three - that I'm keeping. The fourth was just listed on Craig's List. They're great for parties (soup, mulled cider, glogg, etc.) and I need them for my cooking blog photos. As I'm writing this it's clear to me that I don't use them enough - but it's so satisfying to bring soup to the table in a tureen. Makes me feel like Super Woman...

Survey: Do You Own a Soup Tureen?
10/24/11 03:41 PM

There was a brand several years ago (maybe still around?) called "Almost Home." Very soft. They were almost good. I thought they had a fake, under-done quality, but then I'm a fan of a crispy cookie.

Soft Batch Cookies from Serious Eats
Recipe Review

10/22/11 09:16 PM

Oooh! My mom made buttermilk AND lemon chess pies and they were fab! No one else in the house liked them (suckers!) so what else could I do but eat as much as possible? My husband doesn't eat sweets - how can I justify baking one of these...?

Broaden Your Pie Horizons: Chess Pie
10/12/11 07:29 PM

A client gave me an Ouef changing table that is now our dining room sideboard. No DIY on my part - they'd already taken it to a business that paints cars and had it blasted white. I also found a toddler dresser on CL and painted it a similar bright white to utilize as - a bar. Perfect - the lesson for me was that children's furniture is the best option for smaller spaces. Both items are workhorses- deep drawers that we couldn't live without.

Before & After: A Changing Table Turned Media Stand
Adventures in Creating

10/12/11 07:03 PM

A long time ago I was really into this idea and sat my boyfriend down to show him a snippet of a Mary Oliver poem that I wanted to display - in some way- in our shared home. The line was "Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"
I asked him what he thought and he read it again, looked at me and said, "Will you marry me?" I married him, but never pursued the project. I tend to move away from a design idea if it becomes too much of a "movement" - but I think that if the meaning is significant and pleases you, makes you think, gives you pause or makes friends say, "wow" - go for it.

Words on the Wall
Graphic Prints by Therese Sennerholt Design

10/11/11 03:47 PM

Amen to "more cheese." Television chefs tell me to use "1/2 cup cheese" and I don't even know what that means. The only amount of cheese that I'm familiar with is "much," followed by a healthy sprinkling of "more" with "some on the side." Cheese...

Fill in the Blank: A Little More ____ Never Hurt!
10/10/11 06:10 PM


Fluffy & Fried: Potato Rings with Ranch Dipping Sauce
10/6/11 07:09 PM

My desk is actually an Ikea dining room table. Deep enough for the printer, files and reference books to hang out with me and still allow a generous amount of actual working space for me and the computer. I think it's the "Bjursta" - the large one. There aren't any drawers - but it's tall, so a file cabinet fits underneath, as well as a host of other things I can't find space for. I've had several in my life- this is by far the most generous space I've ever had!

Finding the Perfect Desk
Weekend Shopper's Guide

10/1/11 09:31 PM

I love OKL. I received four boxes today and everything was fantastic. For me, the prices are great - and I check the internet before signing off on an order. The wait IS long, but for what I'm saving I think it's worth it. The one time an item arrived that wasn't as represented (cake plate had an angle that would have sent my cake skittering to the floor) I received an apology, a credit AND I didn't have to send it back - so I scored a cake dome! True -prices on tag sale items are way above- but those aren't the sales I pay attention to - I'm an 11am girl. Chances are if someone's admiring something in my apartment it came from OKL, eBay or Craig's List - hard to pay full price for anything anymore when we've managed to create a home on the cheap with these resources.

One Kings Lane Lands $40 Million Investor
Design News 9.22.11

9/22/11 04:51 PM