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Heh, plumbing scrunchie. The third one isn't so bad but patterned or loose, drape-y fabric at sinks just scream clutter/dust magnet.

Small Space Decor: Personalize Your Sink with Fabric
4/22/14 03:59 PM

I can't think of anymore more classic than s'mores! But if you would like a more traditional dessert route, maybe something like a clafoutis (with cherries) or flaugnarde (other seasonal fruits) in a cast iron pan or dutch oven?

Ideas for Birthday Desserts That I Can Make While Camping? Good Questions
4/17/14 03:47 PM

The space seems pretty dark with only the patio as a light source, so I say white. Bright, bright white would be a great contrast to the dark cabinetry and reflect light from the patio.

Also nice to have a pop of color with that green sofa in a neutral white/dark brown background. You can then play around with accents like bright stools or artwork on the walls.

As for the living room area, I'd also stick with white, with perhaps a color accent wall on the right of the patio doors (would this be where the TV is set up?). A warm gray would look great or maybe even a graphic print wallpaper to punch things up.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 11:18 AM

Hello there! Do you live anywhere close to a La Colombe coffee shop? They have excellent beans at very decent prices (I just picked up a 12 oz bag of fantastic Ethiopia Kochere for only $11.50). They're also available online for a couple bucks more. Here's the link: http://shop.lacolombe.com/products/ethiopia-kochere

What's Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?
3/13/14 05:46 PM

Sure, the pour-over method is definitely more “showy” but it really does make a difference, especially if using a high quality bean. Different filters (metal, cloth, paper), vessel shape, and pouring rates (faster versus slower pour, more or less agitation of the coffee grinds) affect the overall coffee extraction and resulting taste. I started off with a Melitta plastic filter years ago but later switched to glass because of leaching concerns. Over time, I came to experiment with lots of different brewing contraptions but this is still my favorite way to make coffee every morning. It's pretty legit.

5 Luxurious Stands for Pour Over Coffee (Plus Some Pour Over Basics) Coffee Gear
3/10/14 06:21 PM

Woohoo! Congrats!

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 01:42 PM

I start off every morning with a pour-over coffee using a Hario nel drip/Woodneck brewer and pouring kettle. The whole ritual of weighing/grinding the beans, boiling the water, and slow pour may seem tedious to some, but gives me a calm, relaxed start to the day. It does take an extra 5 minutes or so to do the prep/clean up but totally worth it to me!

These days, I love learning about different coffee beans/roasts and experimenting with them on my little brewer. My next challenge is learning about espresso and milk steaming. I'm obsessed with that velvety micro foam!

What's Your Morning Coffee Ritual? And What Do You Want to Learn About Coffee?
2/18/14 01:42 PM

Absolutely fantastic transformation. LOVE the new space!

Before & After: A Gutted 1926 Kitchen Becomes More Stylish & Functional Reader Kitchen Remodel
1/13/14 12:33 PM

Does it scare anyone else that pricing for this Bella chair is not posted anywhere online? So beautiful (and probably insanely expensive!).

New Outdoor Chairs from Gloster Casual Market
9/19/13 01:12 PM

What a lovely accent! Really warms up the kitchen. They could just use a clear polyurethane finish for easy cleaning.

Before & After: Marty's Beachy Backsplash
9/19/13 12:11 PM

Light French Gray would be a a much greater contrast to your charcoal gray dining table and would brighten the space if you don't have a lot of natural light there.

Julia's Dining Room Paint & Pairing:
Sultry Gray Walls & Warm Brown Shelf
Liveblogging the Style Cure

8/12/13 02:58 PM

I'm in DC too, and man do people love dining/drinking out on sidewalks/rooftop patios here. I also think it depends on your circle of friends. I'm lucky to know some people who love dinner parties and try to invite them as the main core of the group and branch out a bit to the usual stragglers.

A Spring Vegetarian Dinner for Six Gatherings from The Kitchn
5/15/13 03:30 PM

I suggest a brilliant, spiced orange color for the wall adjacent to the refrigerator. It'll instantly warm up the space and add a nice contrast to the dark cabinetry. A couple splashes of yellow/orange throughout the kitchen would also brighten it a bit. The hardware does seem invisible against that wood grain. I would go with a bolder set in black.

Apartment Therapy New York | Color Advice for Traditional Kitchen? Good Questions
9/4/09 11:41 AM

Creme de cassis. Makes a great kir, tastes good over the rocks, and can be used as a marinade.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's Your Favorite Non-Essential Liquor?
8/27/09 04:05 PM

As a kid, I used to hate pretty much anything that was raw or green, which included all lettuces, fresh herbs, and veggies (esp. tomatoes and celery). I also disliked anything remotely spicy and would spend a solid 10 minutes picking things out of my food at each meal. Crazy!

Somehow over the years, as I learned to try more foods, my palate opened up and I was able to eat and enjoy almost anything I wanted. Gone was my aversion for all things spicy. I eat habaneros and srirarcha regularly now and enjoy raw oysters on the half shell, sushi, celery, and fresh raw tomatoes with reckless abandon.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What Foods Have You Learned To Love?
8/20/09 01:23 PM

Selena, it's actually a pale, greyish blue.

Apartment Therapy New York | Now Available in Color: West Elm Pin-Tuck Duvet Washington DC
7/31/08 06:38 PM

That chair is MINE!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/11/08 11:25 AM

Oh, thanks! :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool Update: 64 Entries So Far
4/17/08 06:31 AM

Which entry is the first photo of the living room with case study bed?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool Update: 64 Entries So Far
4/17/08 06:19 AM

Those string lights are adorable! Anyone know where I can get something similar in the US?

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Paris House Tour - Chez Pascale
4/14/08 05:58 AM