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This is an interesting and unique idea but I think the fabric won’t be durable enough. This is very important when it comes to the kitchen, as the cabinets in the kitchen are subjected to extreme conditions such as water and steam, and of course continuous use.


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

How To: Cover Cabinets with Fabric | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/26/10 08:02 AM

Choosing glass as your material for a kitchen backsplash adds a level of creativity and depth that is unparalleled, while also giving an opportunity to do something good for the earth when you choose to use recycled materials, such as bottles, windows, and other recycled glass goods that have been melted down and made into new glass tiles for your kitchen. Using beautiful, recycled glass backsplash makes a statement to everyone that enters your kitchen.

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9/15/09 02:43 AM

I would add that if you are eco-conscious and are looking for flooring that’s green, then recycled rubber flooring is a good option for you. This is made from old car tires and is hence a great way to say no to the other flooring choices that are harsh on the environment.

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7/24/09 03:44 AM


I haven't baked pies in a perforated pie pan but I think I will try. It looks interesting.


Ganka Vasileva

Apartment Therapy - Perforated Pie Pans
11/21/07 09:17 AM