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Dear Daniel
I'm another one who really wanted you to go further in the contest. I think you (and your Dad) captured everyone's imagination. Well done!

Small Cool 2010: Daniel's Swiss Family Robinson Teeny Tiny Division #26 | Apartment Therapy New York
5/4/10 08:17 PM

Dear Michael (and Berkley)
I was so disappointed your home didn't make it further in the contest but I will look forward to seeing more of it in a house tour if that eventuates.

Your home has a wonderful "haven from the world" feeling which isn't easy to create, lots of interesting choices in your decor which all work wonderfully well together. Good taste, restraint and balance. But I would lose the cut out letters - they are so unnecessary when your place already says it all.

Small Cool 2010: Michael's Vintage Features Small Division #14 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/4/10 08:15 PM

I think you should have gotten more votes than you did. I particularly like the kitchen stools. To be frank, the bedroom let you down a bit but some people just hide the bits that aren't top draw. I didn't mind the bathroom shot. I know its hard to take photos in small spaces. Good on you for having a go.

Small Cool 2010: Ryan's Opened Up Space International Division # 15 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/24/10 12:47 AM

Your apartment has great bones, those enormous windows and the outlook onto that lovely tree are definite assets. The decor in this incarnation is challenging but lots of fun, definitely non-nanna. I also really enjoyed your self-deprecating and existentialist comments. A really unexpected and different entry.

Small Cool 2010: Steve's 'Charred Embers' International Division #24 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/23/10 10:33 PM