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Slipper socks! Awesome for hospital floors; or cozy hotel feet.

Take a Piece of Home with You
11/9/10 11:31 AM

Hi folks! Thanks, first off for actually reading my little take on the Presidio. Burnttoast- thank you for adding all of these wonderful treasures that are inside the park. I answered the questions that were asked, and none of these places (gift shop, groceries etc.) are inside the gates so I referred to the closest resources I use (within walking distance of the Lombard gate).

I'm actually not a fan of the Marina; I grew up in Noe Valley/Mission/Bernal Heights and am still adjusting to the North side of the city. Rob Hill is, by the way - AWESOME. I took a group of middle school kids there a few years back (before the fabulous update) and city camping was phenomenal.

All in all, I'm thankful that housing is actually open to the public inside the park (at a discount for Presidio employees!). This neighborhood has given two SF natives the chance to remain within the city borders and raise a family.

Looking forward to reading more reviews on my awesome hometown!

Emmy's Guide to the Presidio
San Francisco, California

9/29/10 01:53 PM

I wasn't trying to reflect any era; i live in the Presidio currently - as in 2010. Thanks for the critique.

Emmy's Guide to the Presidio
San Francisco, California

9/27/10 06:28 PM

Jake and Lindsay's Shop! LOVE the home-made silk screened prints on new-ish/recycled clothing!

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4/29/10 02:29 PM