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Uh...April Fools, right? This is Fallingwater! Edgar and Liliane Kaufmann.

Edgar & Liliane's Cool Mountain Retreat House Tour
4/1/13 03:10 PM

Atomic Ranch

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subscription? Good Questions
2/5/13 03:09 PM

Love it. Pink tile is awesome and totally coming back. I think the landscape painting is cool!

Think Pink

12/7/10 02:34 PM

All y'all should check out Philadelphia...urban, artsy, awesome food, abundant recreation, good jobs, amazing residential neighborhoods...AND it's incredibly affordable!! Plus it's slightly warmer than NYC and cooler than DC! And an hour from great beaches! I could go on and on. I will probably live here forever...

The High Cost of Small Spaces in the Big City
New York Times

11/18/10 02:59 PM

A work in progress? Looks done and lovely (and huge!) to me. Beautiful job!

Philippa’s Worldly Vignettes
House Tour

11/12/10 02:30 PM

Lovely place. How do y'all afford such amazing things (and space) on grant writer salaries??!!

Mary and Tom's Hip & Historic Haven
House Tour

11/11/10 01:53 PM

Wow...great place! I love how the '50s kitchen, built-ins, and bathroom tile have remained intact. My wife and I have a studio condo (400 SF) at the beach for weekend getaways and we were faced with the same dilemma when we bought it. We ended up getting a loft bed (full size) from IKEA. It's not for everyone, and we won't use it forever, but it's great for now. Our dining table and four chairs fit perfectly underneath, and it allows for a full living room setup to entertain (couch, three chairs, coffee table and TV table). Plus, being up higher creates more privacy if you have overnight guests, and the extra space allows for an air mattress on the floor. In a small space, it's great to have the bed out of the way.

Setting Up & Arranging New Studio Apartment?
Good Questions

10/13/10 02:46 PM

I have to disagree. While I would never pay that much for a bed, we humans spend a third of our lives sleeping. Why not invest in a great mattress? Isn't it more important than, say, your car? And some people spend four or five times as much as the mattress on a car.

Review: The Hastens Excelsior II
A Year in Bed Project

10/5/10 02:25 PM

I say, avoid the reprimanding and confusion (and money, for that matter) and just buy cool vintage stuff that you like. My favorite items tend to be by unknowns or manufacturers like Lane.

20th Century Furniture Design: The Scoop on Licensed Reproductions & Reissues
9/28/10 02:47 PM

Whoa...Schoolly D??!! Go old school Philly!! I think the house is great. Kudos for having a home with unique and personal items acquired over time. Obviously a cookie-cutter interior decorator has not laid a hand on this house. And I agree with Violet Vail: if we continue to rip out all the "dated" features of a house, then we'll have no concept of or appreciation for the era in which it was built.

Jennifer's Retro Residence
House Tour

8/13/10 01:19 PM

I have to say I preferred the dark paneling. Isn't that coming back in style? I think a man room is supposed to be more dark and a good corner dive bar that hasn't been touched since 1962! I think the furniture, lamps, and accessories are a great fit, but I would have left the walls as-is and replaced the floor with a cool checkered linoleum tile or terrazzo.

The Big Reveal! Jarrett's Bungalow Bar
The Inside Man

8/12/10 02:32 PM

My wife is an awesome painter. Her method is freehand. She only uses a high-quality ($10) angled brush, which is an absolute necessity for a perfect line. She also edges out the room first with a generous amount of paint, then fills in the walls with a roller. If you're going freehand, do not skimp on the's the key to a great job!

@db51 - to cover up chips, you could apply a thin layer of spackle over the chip to match the level of the surrounding old paint. Once you sand it, the chipped area disappears. I've done that on many walls and it looks great. Just make sure you prime before painting.

Cutting In: What's Your Preference?
8/12/10 02:18 PM

I think it looks like a really inviting and cozy spot. I love the living room. I missed the negative comments, but I don't get it. It's a weekend getaway, people, not a museum! And it's supposed to be fun, not work. How nice is it to even have such a place?

Shane & Holly's Missouri Modern
House Call

8/2/10 02:26 PM

I second the Orbit In. I've stayed there and it's great: owners, location, rooms, pool, style, and rate. I would definitely stay there again.

10 Inspiring Palm Springs Hotels | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/27/10 02:22 PM

Mmmm...G&T is the best drink EVER! My favorite tonic is Polar. It may be a regional brand (I'm in Philly), and I can only find it at certain stores (Wegmans), but to me it's the best taste and fizz - nice and bubbly and not too sweet. Incendentally, Polar makes the best tasting diet tonic I've ever had.

All About Gin and Tonics Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/21/10 05:28 PM

The ones from Home Depot are OK, but the real Neutra numbers from Design Within Reach are mudch more attractive because they're more hefty...and the font is slightly more genuine. Of course, being from DWR, they're not cheap.

Modplexi Modern Home Numbers | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/23/10 02:22 PM

And...I can't spell sincerely!!

Small Cool 2010: Jaclyn's Rowhouse Pride Small Division #30 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/23/10 10:16 PM

Nice house and great backyard!

Your fellow "Fluffian" and 'Small Division' (#27) competitor in Fairmount.

Small Cool 2010: Jaclyn's Rowhouse Pride Small Division #30 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/23/10 10:15 PM

I like it in general, but everything seems really brown to me. Is that just me?

Small Cool 2010: Samantha Jacob's 'More Stuff Than Most' Small Division #29 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/23/10 10:11 PM

@ ajsimone26:
The green in the dining room looks a little brighter in the photo than it actually is. It's from Benjamin Moore, but I can't remember the name. I'll write back if I find out.

Small Cool 2010: Christopher's Retro Rowhouse Small Division #27 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/23/10 11:21 AM