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Both cb2 and West Elm have cheaper vases similar to #3.

Terrariums: Tiny Indoor Gardens Make a Big Statement
4/11/11 07:12 PM

Oh, how I need some towels! :)

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12/15/10 06:31 PM

So excited they posted these as a give-away! :)

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12/13/10 02:26 PM

rainelyn: I feel so much better seeing your comment as that was my EXACT thought, haha.

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12/6/10 09:11 PM

Oh my gosh, LOVE LOVE LOVE. Just stumbled on this the other day!

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11/29/10 08:09 PM

Those are some pretty hard core suggestions.

I realized a few years ago that setting an alarm earlier so I had time to snooze was, as the article says, hurting the amount of real REM sleep I got. I just set my alarm so that I HAVE to wake up right then in order to not be late, and so when it goes off I know I have no choice. ;)

Tell us Your Snooze Style (and Learn How to Change It!)
10/11/10 11:57 AM