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I love taking pictures of my weekly CSA, and the challenge of eating it all before the next arrives!

This Week's Colorful CSA Box: Eggplants, Carrots and Yellow Tomatoes Keeping Up With My CSA Box: Week 7
7/31/14 01:39 PM

I love the idea of a giant barn star!

How Can I Add Interest To \"Blank\" Side of House? Good Questions
7/31/14 01:20 PM

I have a Goof Off cleaner spray that I've used on a few surfaces and it hasn't damaged yet.

Can a Stubborn Stain Be Removed from White Lacquer? Good Questions
7/29/14 01:31 PM

what about using an insulated picnic basket, like this:

it collapses so maybe wouldn't be too much to carry, and you could toss one of those frozen ice packs inside ...

How Do I Keep My CSA Veggies Fresh on the Way Home? Good Questions
7/15/14 10:43 AM

oh sorry, never mind - it's a firefox issue apparently.

How I Cook: A Private Chef's Pro Tips On Prepping and Organizing Weekly Meals By Portions Kitchen Tour
7/2/14 12:14 PM

the original link to her kitchen tour doesn't work, FYI! noticed yesterday, but didn't know where to post! - r.

How I Cook: A Private Chef's Pro Tips On Prepping and Organizing Weekly Meals By Portions Kitchen Tour
7/2/14 12:10 PM

i use a fireplace log holder in my bathroom to store extra rolled up towels. you could do the same with this - just roll cleanly and stand on end inside.

Alternative Use For Newspaper Holder? Good Questions
6/27/14 04:26 PM

looks great - but i might have kept that white granite/marble island. looked nice!

A New Orleans Mid-City Kitchen Renovation Professional Project
6/23/14 12:22 PM

well, this place is magical. *so jealous*

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/11/14 02:07 PM

i think this is really cute! i could see it being used to wrap gifts with plain brown paper, or to cinch cellophane, etc ...

How To Make Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine My Poppet
6/3/14 11:09 AM

i once received a metal pie server with the couples name and wedding date engraved on it as a wedding favor. and, honestly, it was a complete waste of $ in my eyes. i didn't need a pie server, esp one with someone else's precious moment inscribed on it.

in short - don't worry about the "favor" and move on to picking a good dj! :)

Cheap DIY Favors To Make for a Wedding
5/28/14 01:18 PM

the last time i moved in chicago, i had a small yard sale and got rid of extra furniture, clothes, and kitchen appliances, that didn't make my downsize. i actually ended up making $350, which helped cover part of my movers!

one key to this was listing bigger ticket items on craigslist, then telling people to come to the sale to pick them up. i had a decent amount of casual lookers that picked up a few items, and oftentimes not even the listed ones.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Garage Sale Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
5/25/14 11:11 PM

ok, i'm just going to say this - i'm not on board with bar carts. while they look pretty, the seem so impractical to me. i just cant imagine wanting to fetch ice, clean dusty glasses, mop up spills, etc, at a distance from the kitchen.

Who Needs a Bar Cart? Organize Your Home Bar With Lacquer Trays Kitchen Inspiration
5/23/14 03:11 PM

wow, i'm totally feeling jeffs aesthetic. it's lovely!

Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode House Tour
5/7/14 12:34 PM

Wondering if you could dissolve salt in water, then toss nuts before roasting?

How Do I Get Salt to Stick to Dry-Roasted Nuts? Good Questions
5/6/14 03:35 PM

nice detail using the copper foil tape on the art above your desk!

Sibylle's Flea Market Style in Berlin House Tour
5/2/14 03:21 PM

lately i've been asking myself the question, "would i pack this if i was moving across the country?"

if the answer is "no," then it moves to the outgoing pile for further evaluation.

Spring Closet Cleanout: The 7 Questions You Need to Answer Right Now
4/29/14 02:32 PM

like auntie moe, i've picked up a set of 8 coup glasses at an antique store for about $30, and they're beautiful. i love to crack them out for dinner party cocktails ... they feel luxurious!

8 Elegant Champagne Coupe Glasses Product Roundup
4/24/14 02:09 PM

I attempted to diminish the impact of my TV too. I have super high ceilings in my rental which i did not have the option to paint or mount the tv, so filling a wall with art was one of the few choices i had to help balance the space!

Composing a Gallery Wall Around the TV
3/26/14 06:52 PM

I've recently been burning Chandler Candle Co.'s "Cardamom & Teak" and I love how the warm spicy scent fills my house. The "Olive Leaf" is nice too!

Tell Us: What Are Your Favorite Scented Candles? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 02:18 PM