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Sorry about your apartment, it is really beautiful. Here's my story of housing luck:

Last time I had to move, I desperately wanted my own place - no more roommates! - but I'm on a tight budget, couldn't afford much rent, and didn't have a lot of savings for the fees etc - plus my credit's not great. Not good!

I answered an ad from a no-fee realtor on craigslist, figuring that either the no fee thing was some kind of scam, and/or the apartment would be horrible. Turned out the apartment was so much nicer than anything else I could afford, the realtor was legit, and he took a liking to me and took up my cause with the landlord in spite of my iffy credit. I got a good-sized one bedroom that I like and can afford. It's even just three blocks away from my best friend! And it was only the second place (out of three - the other two were HORRID) that I looked at, so I was spared a long, stressful apartment search. If that's not karma looking out for me, I don't know what is!

I hope your apartment search goes just as smoothly.

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Housing Karma
11/18/07 09:05 AM