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You will find an amazing new home. And it will be different, but oddly better :). My story is that our landlord at our Brooklyn 1 bedroom/studio decided to raise our rent and gave notice three weeks before our lease was up. He didn't raise it much, but enough that we felt we had to look elsewhere. If we were gonna pay more, we needed a space with doors! The same morning that he notified us of a rent increase, we went hunting. We looked at a few places, but nothing we loved. Since we had to move quickly, we were almost ready to just settle and stay put, dealing with the rent increase. But, the last place we looked at that day was perfect - exactly what we were looking for. The next morning, the owner offered us the space.

Within 24 hours of our landlord telling us of a rent increase, we had found a new dream home! We move in next week and we're already sure it's our new "perfect" home.

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Housing Karma
11/18/07 08:57 AM