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I was visiting and helping out at a house where Mrs. Meyer's products were used exclusively. I used them for two full weeks.
While I loved the countertop cleaner spray (great lavender scent and worked very well) I couldn't believe the price on the small bottle of dish soap, which worked well and was pleasant to use. (It may be available directly from the manufacturer for a better price, but it was over five dollars for a not large bottle. ) The dryer sheets did not soften anything at all, although the lavender scent was wonderful.
I imagine that old fashioned Castile soap would be a better deal for the dish soap, and something else is needed to soften clothes either in the washer or dryer. I applaud the company for its biodegradable products. I just think the price for the dish soap is out of reach for many people and wonder if home-made alternatives would work just as well and save people their hard earned money.

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4/22/10 03:57 PM