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I like the shelters, and wish more of our enclosures, like bus shelters and shop awnings, had as much thought put into their looks.

Correction, though: bison do not stand with their backs to the wind. They’re quite famous for facing directly into the wind, their forequarters and heads protected by very dense and heavy manes. The bison is Manitoba’s provincial symbol, and as a schoolchild I was taught that its apparent resolution in the face of wintry blasts was one reason for this.

These days I live in Vancouver, not Winnipeg, and I assure you: winters here may be dark and damp, but they’re not remotely as harsh as winters elsewhere in Canada. Winter here will make you uncomfortable; winter in Winnipeg will kill you if you give it a chance.

Seeking Shelter: Patkau Architects' Winnipeg Wind Breakers
2/2/12 02:01 PM

I keep eggs in a basket on top of the fridge. Omelettes are much easier and much better when you start with room-temperature eggs. I don’t eat all that many, so generally I keep a few out and the rest in the fridge, but even that is a bit over-cautious. Fresh eggs will keep at least a week at room temperature, and don’t exactly go bad if you leave them indefinitely—they just dry out slowly. Buy organic eggs, if you want to be safer—they are much less likely to carry salmonella. Also, cooked eggs don’t keep nearly as well—put them in the refrigerator.

Customs of Another Country: Fully Furnished Apartments
9/30/11 05:31 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Simply the best ever. Slanting the shelf behind the headboard so as to capture the hall light for the loft? Genius.

Small Cool 2010: Daniel's Swiss Family Robinson Teeny Tiny Division #26 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/22/10 03:22 PM