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I have to re-watch Ghost Writer as I was paying far more attention to the house than the plot.

Going Grey: Blow-Up & The Ghost Writer
ColorTherapy In Film

11/9/10 05:34 PM

Though the white-on-white-on-white is not for me, I completely understand her use of it. Seattle is a gloomy town much of the year and with only one window in her studio I imagine that it makes the place feel bright year round. The lack of a workspace is questionable though given that she is a freelance interior designer.

125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

11/9/10 05:29 PM

Great use of space and I really like the dark wall. I also have a very dark (brown) wall in a rather small room and love it - everything really stands out against it.

Small Cool 2010: Kathryn's Cozy Contrast Little Division #3 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/8/10 07:02 PM

Random placement of a Bertoia and an Eames chair does not equal style. Great apartment and great start, just needs some more love.

Small Cool 2010: Lawrence's Spectacular Sun Rise Tiny Division #6 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/8/10 06:53 PM

A hairdryer also works great for removing old contact paper, then use orange oil to remove any remaining adhesive.

How To Remove Unwanted Stickers Using a Hairdryer Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/26/10 03:44 PM

Allison112 - a good trick for removing old contact paper is to use a hair dryer. It will soften the paper and glue and lift right up.

More Miraculous Uses for Mayo Around the House | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/11/10 05:42 PM

oh wow - thank you!

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 03:21 PM

I love the after - so clean and crisp! Anyone familiar with any of the prints that are hanging?

Before After: Clean and Modern Plywood Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/27/10 02:55 PM

Think I could spend a lifetime looking at this chair and still not fall in love. And if one has to add tennis balls to the bottom of chair legs for stability then I say buy a different chair that is made well and not hideous.

The Most Famous Plastic Chair: The Monobloc | Apartment Therapy New York
1/12/10 02:41 PM

i love these!

Win these Hudson Walnut Storage Boxes from The Container Store! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy New York
12/9/09 12:33 PM

so dreamy and perfect!

Win this Inhabit Organic Bamboo Duvet Set from Design Public! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/7/09 06:24 PM

R_Claw - so jealous that you grew up in an Eichler!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Meet Robert Rummer! November 4th in Portland, OR
10/30/09 04:10 PM

It looks like an Eichler home because Rummer basically ripped them off - directly from the pages of a magazine actually and his wife's love of the Eichler homes she toured in CA. I'm a huge fan of both, but Eichler's designs were the originals.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Meet Robert Rummer! November 4th in Portland, OR
10/30/09 04:09 PM

lovely apartment!

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern, Family –Friendly New York Apartment Martha Stewart Living
8/20/09 03:59 PM

Wine corks work great in place of styrofoam peanuts.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Using Alternative Plant Containers
4/28/09 05:58 PM

very lovely! Though I would have liked to see the panel wall of Nelson clocks that they mentioned as being their favorite element of the home.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Joel Maria's Miami Modern Small Division #13
4/14/09 11:48 AM

I have not read all of the posts, so I apologize if this has been said already.
I would probably go with a hospital curtain track- something like this

Cables always seem to sag at some point and then end up making the space feel like a dorm room. And with any kind of rod you will have to have support bracket in the middle. A track would allow you to completely open the curtains, and could be mounted inside the window or out.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Hanging Curtains in an Odd Space?
3/25/09 12:39 PM

The sofa is not hiding anything, but rather just looks awkward in its current location. I would go ahead and place your furniture as you plan to when you will be remodeling the fireplace.
As for making it more bearable, I would go ahead and paint it. You mentioned hating painted brick, however if you plaster over it you would be painting that and I think it would be less of an eyesore if you really do not like the brick. Maybe add large fabric panels or prints as well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for Hiding Fireplace?
3/10/09 03:00 PM

I believe that the Tord Boontje panel in the first photo is being used instead of an actual bathroom door. Love the panel and bathroom, not sure about the lack of privacy there though.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: "Real" Bathrooms
3/10/09 11:46 AM

This a fabulous space!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Outside: David and James' Modern Courtyard Garden
3/9/09 12:21 PM