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This is my place :) I'd definitely be willing to do a house tour if they ask! To answer some of the questions:
1) Yes I need three monitors, I have 3 computers that I use for different tasks, I will usually have one personal laptop running its own OS, then have a remote desktop session to my desktop displaying on the monitor. The second laptop is my work laptop. What can I say, I'm an engineer. :)
2) On the couch is a monopod for my DSLR camera.
3) Sorry for all the close ups, I only had an 85mm lens at the time, if they want to do a hour tour then I could borrow a wide angle :)

I have some additional photos here:

T's Dual Purpose Decor
House Call

11/1/10 09:14 PM

I used almost this exact pallet in my place, I tried a bunch of bolder/brighter colors at first, but they ended up irratating me for some reason. Most of my place is similar to the Barley/Light Honey, and my accent wall is like the Celery Heart/Cool Mist. I've found the neutral walls are good for Seattle, but I have many accents of red and other colors to make it more lively.

Best Paint Colors for Gray Skies
10/21/10 10:20 PM

I have a tiny dining room which I also use as a computer area:

Double-Duty Dining Rooms
Small Space Solutions

10/15/10 05:50 PM

Here is how I display my photos without frames, I just threw them on top of my bookcase and arraged so it looks like a collage.

Displaying Photos Outside The Frame
10/15/10 05:46 PM

I have the Jet Set ottoman in blue...its actually much more of a greenish/blue. It's a big wobbly which is ok on a rug, but on hardwood it is a bit noticable. But the color and the fabric are so unique I still love it!

Fun Furniture From Urban Outfitters Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/26/10 02:48 AM