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I thought it was going hide a wall safe. Very clever!

Can You Guess What Secret this DIY Mirror is Hiding? Home Story
7/8/14 10:32 PM

I have no vested interest in this contest, but it does seem odd that some entries are highlighted twice, as they are in this story. That being said, Small Cool is one of my favorite things about AT.

10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Three
6/12/14 10:09 PM

Favorited! Absolutely beautiful! Alberto, can you tell us the source of the flooring in the main areas? I can't tell if it's tile, terrazzo or FLOR squares. I love the color .

Alberto's Landmark Style Small Cool Contest
6/7/14 06:48 AM

Regarding the fifth photo, the artwork above the couch featuring the two residents shown the fourth photo is priceless!

Dawn's Fun Finds Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 10:20 PM

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Fabric
5/11/14 11:22 AM

Nice job. But wait, is that a black cat on the counter, right of the stove?

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/22/14 09:24 PM

This shopping list is giving my fridge and pantry a complex...

Quick Weekend Task: Make an Ongoing DIY Project Shopping List
2/1/14 04:37 PM

I lurk on AT almost everyday, and rarely comment, but this place speaks to me on many different levels. Congrats on creating a splendid home.

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/19/14 05:48 PM

Wow! What a great home! The color turquoise, a mid-century vibe, Chuck Taylors, and Lego Minifigs are four of the constants in my life, making this one of my all time favorite AT tours. I absolutely love your space. Kudos to you! (I read AT almost every day, but rarely comment. I felt compelled to sign in and comment on this one, though!)

Sophie & Scott's Bright Retro Retreat House Tour
12/29/13 12:52 PM

"Hurling camel story!" Really hilarious.

But back to the chairs: Great job! They look so much better. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Before & After: Maria's Craigslist
Cane Chair Makeover

2/23/13 12:09 AM

Great space with a great vibe! Love it! Do tell though, are those keys suspended in mid-air on the bottom part of the (adorable) kitchen photo? I can't quite figure out what that is. Nonetheless, awesome job, Aga!

Aga's Modern Interior in an Old Building
House Call

2/21/13 07:32 PM

Oh. My. Goodness. Somehow, and even though I check in with AT numerous times every day, I missed this tour the first time around. SO glad they re-posted it! This home makes me grin from ear to ear.

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

11/14/12 08:46 PM

Gorgeous business cards!

Amy's One Smart Pop Tart Writing Space Workspace Tour
11/3/12 08:28 AM

What a gorgeous room. Simply beautiful. (Is that a Santa coat?)

Jill's "Peacock Fabdonkulous" Room Room for Color Contest
10/19/12 10:53 PM

Wow! Although I'm a daily AT reader, I rarely comment, but I just had to express my love for this place. As a fellow New Yorker, I am mightily impressed with what you've done with your space. Love the moody bedroom vibe. FANTASTIC!

Heather's Sky High Hell's Kitchen Home House Tour
10/6/12 07:46 AM

Such a gorgeous home! I'd be so grateful if you would share the bathroom paint color. It's beautiful and just the color I'd love in my bedroom.

Natalie and Kevin's Perfect Parkdale Perch House Tour
8/29/12 09:49 PM

@Yesterdaytf, your continuation of the list literally made me laugh out loud. (Which my slumbering husband did not much appreciate.)

Less Is More: 15 Pieces of Furniture You May Not Really Need Miss Minimalist at Huffington Post
8/18/12 02:36 AM

Gorgeous home. Love the fireplace reno! We've just bought a mid-century ranch that is in dire need of a fireplace reno to bring it back to its original lovliness. Previous owners gave it an 80s facelift years ago and removed all semblance of character. Lora, can you please share what kind of contractor you sought out for the reno. General contractor? Mason?

AT, how about a full tour on this one? It's totally deserving.

Lora & Frank's Hollywood Hills
Circa 60s Home House Call

8/7/12 07:12 AM

This is just the kind of room I would have loved as a child. Instead, I had to endure a
stereotypical, uber girly, hot pink bedroom, complete with a freaky, giant Barbie head. Sigh. Kudos to you for creating such a wonderful space for your children.

A Monochromatic Room for Siblings My Room
8/2/12 10:10 PM

Holy hammer, Batman! One of my favorite AT tours of all time. As a lover of all things MCM, I tip my hat to both of you. Really, is there anything better than a house that makes you smile? I think not.

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/12/12 09:58 PM