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the chairs arrived and are pretty easy to assemble. i say "pretty easy" because the bolt at the bottom of the base was so tight on each chair-- and i didnt have the proper wrench -- that i will have to take the two bases to a garage or hardware store to get the bolts loosened so the chairs can swivel. it did take three calls to lexington to get the assembly guy to explain the problem which i had basically figured out. the chairs come with a separate chair, the swivel base, a round disk with six screw holes that sits at the top part of the bottom of the chair (where your butt sits), and a baggy with six screws and a little wrench. it's easy to put the chairs together but if the bottom bolt in the base is too tight, well off to a place where it can be loosened unless you have the proper wrench and the strength of 10 chinese workers. oh, the red cushion is thick, very well made and comfortable, fits to the chair with velcro. this would have been a breeze if i could have gotten the base bolt loose without seeking help. btw, there are no instructions on how to put the chair together but it's pretty much a no-brainer.

Lexington Modern – Designer Furniture Fried Chicken? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
5/3/10 01:41 PM

i just ordered a pair of the saarinen tulip armchairs from lexington after doing my ebay research and having chatted on the phone with the lexington people. they seem honest, as much as any of the MANY sellers hawking the tulip chairs. i will say this, as a journalist, i went beyond usual research and joined a buying group in china where there are many factories producing "midcentury" furniture. i have received several quotes for multiple chairs. the cost per chair is as low as $60 wholesale to $70. 20 chairs shipped from china to a warehouse in new york is around $740, according to one quote. some factories have the capacity to turn out 10,000 chairs a month. i suspect but dont know for a fact that many of the sellers are linked together using many different names. in any case, the price is right if the chairs hold up, and stay looking good. and who is crazy enough to spend $1300 plus tax at DWR for the "licensed" version GMAFB! Lexington offers a 30 day return (with a restocking fee) and a one year warranty "to fix or replace." I'll post a review when i have a chance. Of 5 or 6 vendors i approached i felt the most confident with lexington. so we will see.

Lexington Modern – Designer Furniture Fried Chicken? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/28/10 11:53 AM

I purchased the classic corbusier chair and chaise more than a decades ago -- knockoffs -- they are still in perfect condition. maybe knockoffs were made better then than they are today -- i doubt if they were made in china then. i believe italy. so in my experience knockoffs have been good to me. i'm now considering the white tulip chair with red cushions, several of them, as "reproductions" in the $200 each range. what do you experts think?

Good Questions: Should I Spring For a Knockoff? | Apartment Therapy New York
4/20/10 08:33 PM