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Egg and cheese wraps are pretty good, and not too messy to eat while driving.

What Are Some Good Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Eat On the Go? Good Questions
8/20/13 03:32 PM

I second supporting insectivores. Many bats and birds eat mosquitoes and keep bug populations way down. Chimney swifts, pewees, kingbirds, orioles, swallows and many more. Try planting bird friendly shrubs (the same birds eat berries and greens) and nesting trees for them.

The Best Way To Deter Mosquitoes - Naturally The New York Times
8/20/13 12:24 PM

I also want people to make themselves at home; I do wish though guests would take off their shoes. We don't ask and I know people aren't psychic, but every time I say it in my head it sounds too pushy.

5 Ways to Be a Great Dinner Guest
8/19/13 12:43 PM

Go with your gut. Even if you fix this place up it's not going to have the right vibe for you. Get creative, maybe rent to own or rent a condo while you're looking for a place that you love.

As for me, I have a new buying strategy. Every time I go to purchase something, I ask myself: Do you want this more than a house near the ocean? I want a nice Victorian home with a moderate yard in a nice quiet town.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Live Somewhere You Like?
8/19/13 12:39 PM

Really? I'm not a doctor but neither apparently is anyone here. My sad substitution: I dated a (very hot, thank you) internal medicine specialist and one night I reached for an old, open bottle of wine. He stopped me and said "Toss that one out, you'll get sick if you drink that".

Is My Homemade Wine-Turned-Vinegar Safe to Use? Good Questions
8/17/13 05:51 AM

Mesa Sunrise amaranth, quinoa and flax. Yummy, gluten free and very nutritious.

Tips for Choosing a Healthier Breakfast from a Box
8/17/13 05:46 AM

Fry them in a pan with some coconut oil and have then with eggs over easy. Make sure they're nice and soft before eating.

How Can I Make My Sad, Flavorless Peaches Taste Amazing? Good Questions
8/17/13 05:44 AM

Thanks a million for this! We have some home grown veggies and fruits we were hoping to save for winter.

10 Ways to Preserve Summer Fruits & Vegetables Without Canning Recipes from The Kitchn
8/13/13 04:02 PM

Nice inforgrsphic but like many others, it doesn't appear to cite its sources. The FDA? CDC? The author's great aunt? Where is the science? Granted I'm sure some of it could be right, but I wouldn't stake my life on it.

How Not To Die From Botulism
8/13/13 03:42 PM

Please don't do this, the ecosystem needs natural materials. Some birds use branches for their nests, the integrity and thickness of the soil / sand depends on degraded plants and trees. It's also illegal in state parks to remove anything.

Last month I saw a woman collecting dozens of sand dollars, which sea birds and other animals depend on for calcium.

Crafting with Nature: Branch Weaving
8/13/13 03:37 PM

@Learnedfoot thanks! Classes are a good idea.

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/9/13 01:43 PM

Wow thanks @squalus now I really will consider if I have the time to do it properly! ;)

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/9/13 01:42 PM

@Julia Lynn good points and I'd like to add, urban gardens are quite popular when established successfully. I live in a poor inner city and work for a local park. Low income folks love the free programs we have and want outdoor activities for their families. We need to rip out the parking lots, rip out the concrete and make more green spaces where fruits and veggies can be grown self-maintained by residents. It's worked beautifully here.

NYC To Offer Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions
8/9/13 11:56 AM

@jmcad LOL yes I agree seeing an adult sucking a bottle while strolling around in public (especially when they stare at you while doing it) is creepy and gross. I do like some kid's sized bottles like the glass Lifeforce. They are like regular tall glass bottles. And while I get that young kids might break glass, seeing plastic containers worries me when kids might be exposed to those synthetic estrogens, bacteria hiding in cracks and the waste when they crack and need to be tossed into the waste stream.

Not Just for Babies: Reusable Food Pouches Back to School 2013
8/9/13 11:50 AM

Some of those are cute. Go Fresh Baby looks like a nightmare to clean though.

Not Just for Babies: Reusable Food Pouches Back to School 2013
8/9/13 11:29 AM

Sigh even though it's on the right track certain things bug me about this. One, after the pilot program how many low income people will get to see a doctor for free? Will they get a real exam or just vegetable coupons? And after a 2 minute visit with the doctor, assuming they can even get to the market, will the veggies really get eaten or will they rot in the fridge?

Many Americans rich or poor won't be swayed that easily. School nutrition programs probably work better. Also, we're forgetting studies that show pollution and changes in gut bacteria can make obesity much worse regardless of diet and exercise.

NYC To Offer Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions
8/9/13 11:15 AM

Firstly I sympathize. Mine scares me too. But really, why not just learn to use it properly? We (especially Americans) seem to expect new products every five seconds just to protect us from minor injury.

I think the gloves are a good idea, also though it's more expensive, next time invest in a more "traditional" product. Instead of cheap plastic, get a more authentic kitchen tool that's made well. And really study the manual. Food prep is a science, not a quick fix.

Can You Recommend a Safer Mandoline Slicer? Good Questions
8/9/13 11:08 AM

@Dragynphyre, Thanks! Now I seem to remember. I wonder if botulism affects adults, why health groups say that botulism in raw honey is only a concern for children under 2 years of age? It's a nasty disease; but I don't remember in recent history any adult contracting it. Anyway, no reason to risk it.

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/7/13 02:55 PM

We've had luck with Cuisinart products; I'm not one for promoting stuff but for us they've been generally long-lasting and reliable. Thanks for asking this by the way, my story is less riveting but I managed to break our beloved blender and was dumb enough to throw away the blade thingie before researching whether or not the rest could be replaced (it could have been).

One side note, detoxing is a myth. Our liver has the job of filtering out toxins. If it's not doing a good job you either need to change your diet or see a doctor (or have a transplant). No earthly amount of kale or whatever is going to "cleanse" your body or make your filtering system work better. You just need to not abuse your kidneys and liver with booze etc.

Dear Readers of The Kitchn: Please Help Me Find a New Juicer!
8/7/13 01:10 PM

Oh, great info @sprayfaint. Thanks!

Why Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Pickles Are the Worst Ways to Start Canning
8/7/13 11:44 AM